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Comment by Obedient Christian Believer on 4709225708
Wednesday, 12.2.2020 @ 09:23am
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Comment by Alexander on 3233853969
Wednesday, 12.2.2020 @ 08:34am
And I'm pretty sure Hermecita is a total psychopath. Her development is clearly retarded, bordering on mental disability.

Comment by John A. on 3233853969
Wednesday, 12.2.2020 @ 07:39am

Without education and literacy Hermecita Orpilla worked hard as a sex-worker on the street since she was twelve years old in the Philippines. Her life is useless. Hermecita ashamed of herself. She is very low class. What does she do for a living??? She has never been married. Hermecita Orpilla has toured Singapore and USA uses herself and sells her body to men.
She gave birth to a imbecile- moron-daughter Nicolette Orpilla.
As far as we know, Nicolette Orpilla is doing real estate Imperial Brokers and she is online whore trying to scam people via internet
+63 916-335-1895
02-2-18-8966 Pasig Philippine colette1228@yahoo.com
Because Nicolette has no choice but to have chat and sex with different old men in exchange for money. Nicolette Orpilla is the lowest level.
Another warning signs is Nicolette Orpilla operating in Philippine; if you are in one country and renting a house in another country, think about whether this makes sense. That sounds like classic Philippine online scam. Money is very important to her. The scam that can better her life. Nicolette Orpilla is a crook, give her nothing.
Comment by steve on 01918161138
Wednesday, 12.2.2020 @ 07:04am
keep getting calls every day now blocked
Comment by Daisy on 07813960464
Wednesday, 12.2.2020 @ 05:55am
Non English female Microsoft Scammer! Idiot.
Comment by Jack on 07859831592
Tuesday, 12.1.2020 @ 16:22pm
Sent a scam test message as below:

"HALIFAX: A payee has been added from a NEW DEVICE to your online banking at 18:02PM. If this wasn't you, please visit https://canceldevice-alerts.com"
Comment by P on 8764730727
Tuesday, 12.1.2020 @ 13:02pm
Called with a nasally fake voice about being a publisher or something. I didn't bother listening to the rest
Comment by Tony Nap on 09826523216
Monday, 11.30.2020 @ 03:33am
I called this number by mistake, within seven seconds it said that i would be charged £6. I hung up immediately
Comment by Robb on 7268002470
Sunday, 11.29.2020 @ 19:47pm
I received a phone call from 726-800-2470 and I let it go to my recorder. The recorded female voice claimed I owed 399 dollars on an account, but did not name a company or any account. She said to call the 726-800-2470 number. I didn't call it because the call was definitely a scam. I still have the recording of the scam call.
Comment by Laura on 3416003428
Saturday, 11.28.2020 @ 21:26pm
Received a voice message stating the following:
To purchase on amazon.com. You have been charged $400 on your account. If you have made this purchase, you can hang up. The order will be delivered to you. However, if you had not made such transaction, you can call Amazon support right away at 341-600-3428. I repeat 341-605-3428.

Comment by Em on 4074769516
Saturday, 11.28.2020 @ 11:54am
This is a debt collector from Texas, All tran (or alltran)debt collections. They used to be "United Recovery Systems." They've called several times and are looking for someone I've never heard of. Telling them they have the wrong number doesn't seem to help.
Comment by Me on 01514590663
Saturday, 11.28.2020 @ 10:51am
They called me, they also knew my name, said my address and asked me to confirm it was correct. As I told them that I didn't realise, they hung up, but in fact, they had my data.
Comment by Polly on 5624485198
Saturday, 11.28.2020 @ 07:19am
Texted and called me.
When I called back, no one answered.
But When I tried to text back, I got an automated reply, ?Welcome to the plug. How can I help you??
Comment by Greg on 5022511046
Friday, 11.27.2020 @ 13:01pm
Received this call at 11:25 am., 11/27/20. I can?t imagine what this guy is fishing for.
Comment by Jackson on 3165538884
Thursday, 11.26.2020 @ 19:45pm
Get this on house and both cell phones.

Threaten they ''will start legal proceedings'' if I don't call this number.
I ... plus friends and family ... have
gotten these kinds of threatening calls for years ... common scam.
Comment by Teresa on 8555841472
Thursday, 11.26.2020 @ 15:53pm
Called my number, and oddly enough, I could see that my phone was calling that number at the same time. Never had that happen before. I had not touched the phone! I finally did answer, and no one responded. Very creepy!
Comment by David on 03456888444
Thursday, 11.26.2020 @ 13:28pm
Total Spam - woman said she was from Nat west bank - low life scrum
Comment by Dori on 01636859172
Thursday, 11.26.2020 @ 07:07am
Called my mobile. I do not answer calls I don't recognise. However had it been legit they would, surely, have left a message which they didn't. So the number is now blocked.
Comment by Kathy Wilton on 5864221040
Wednesday, 11.25.2020 @ 16:38pm
This number calls me at least 3 times a day for the last several weeks. My phone rings twice and then hangs up. When I call the number back, they ask you to call another number for a natural gas company.
Comment by Velvet Booth on 7155029435
Wednesday, 11.25.2020 @ 14:01pm
Called to say I had won four hundred thousand from publishers clearing house then stated I had to pay one percent to receive my 2020 BMW and my money. I searched and found it was a scam. Publisher's clearing house will not call you on the phone for a big prize or ask you for money to claim it. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!
Comment by CP on 01173329766
Wednesday, 11.25.2020 @ 13:42pm
Called me tonight, did not speak, did not hang up, I did after few seconds of waiting for someone to say something. Maybe my voice is pleasant for some ears.
Comment by t on 3124880579
Wednesday, 11.25.2020 @ 10:42am
Nobody left a message on this missed call
Comment by Jake on 01217250177
Wednesday, 11.25.2020 @ 09:50am
I asked who was calling. They asked was I still getting nuisance callers. I said yes and you are one of them and put down the phone.
Comment by Annoyed on 7272680183
Tuesday, 11.24.2020 @ 19:34pm
727-268-0183 called 20 Nov 2020 at 10:10am. Recording said, "Hello. This is Linda. I'm dealer processing to give you one last courtesy call to let you know, that based on our records the factory warranty has expired on your vehicle. Is that right? Fantastic. So your vehicle actually is still eligible for vehicle warranty protection. Let me get a specialist to explain your available options please all. Thanks for holding. All of our coverage specialists are presently busy helping other customers. Please stay on the line to maintain your call priority. You hate surprise expenses especially costly auto repairs with the cost of replacing a pricey electrical part or air conditioner or transmission bust your monthly budget. All of our agents are still assisting other clients, if you would like to continue holding press 7 now. If you would like a call back as soon as the agents available, press 9 now."
Comment by Lolo on 02034337801
Tuesday, 11.24.2020 @ 13:40pm
This number claimed to be HMRC. I was very concerned as I rang it back and got straight through to a man who said my debt was being referred to the High Court, and he had to be recorded as warning me. "Do you understand what the High Court is in United Kingdom?". WTF? HMRC don't speak like that. Particularly annoyed as I had raised a query with a debt company allegedly chasing for HMRC, therefore they are scammers or they are insecure.

Not happy. I told him I didn't trust the call and to leave me alone.
Comment by Richard on 4189078402
Tuesday, 11.24.2020 @ 11:35am
I normally don't answer calls that I do not know the name of. I did this time. They offered "free" stuff for visiting a shop in Lachine, Quebec, near Montreal. They called again later, and I did not answer.
Comment by RH on 02080495759
Tuesday, 11.24.2020 @ 10:29am
sounded like some kind of housing survey - they've now rung 3 times
Comment by Robert Ewen on 01246926300
Tuesday, 11.24.2020 @ 06:08am

On a BT line, pick up your receiver and replace it. Then dial 1572 to block the call in future.
Comment by X on 14083529191
Monday, 11.23.2020 @ 16:21pm
Called me 4 times in a row, did not answered. Says from California I'm far from there.
Comment by ken on 8442120011
Monday, 11.23.2020 @ 13:12pm
Scammers pretending to be Amazon Fraud dept.
Comment by M on 6037795632
Monday, 11.23.2020 @ 13:00pm
Soliciting call (although caller denied it strenuously) for Police Family fund. Caller initially asked for specific name, and then said it wasn't a personal call, so she would talk to me. Launched into a "survey" about whether I had noticed increased police presence on my local streets and highways and then segued into asking if she could count on my support to donate to the families of police officers killed on duty. When I noted this was a soliciting call, caller's tone became nasty, and she said she had asked me questions about police services, so no, it wasn't. She asked if she could mail me a donation envelope, and implied that she'd be tracking if I didn't contribute. I told her the call was inappropriate and was clearly a solicitation, and hung up on her.
Comment by K on 07458148763
Monday, 11.23.2020 @ 09:06am
Unsolicited text msg saying : you have a recorded message from Lily dial 09826521308 to retrieve adult only opt-out: supp...
Comment by Despondant on 01204916243
Monday, 11.23.2020 @ 07:08am
Comment by stevo on 01925740120
Monday, 11.23.2020 @ 06:34am
no one at the other end of call
Comment by Colin on 08081683668
Monday, 11.23.2020 @ 03:55am
My partner who is usually good at buying on the Internet, has been scammed by a site selling Nulavance face cream. I can?t say how she did it, but after clicking on a link for a £3.95 sample, she has had about £140 taken from her bank. I rang the helpline and first of all spoke to a woman who had a dog barking loudly through the whole conversation. I was cut off and then spoke to a man who promised to do a refund and sent her an e-mail to confirm. Since then she has received 2 e-mails saying the goods are on their way. Overnight the website she bought from has changed the product, but I think I can safely say all the sites selling Nulavance are scammers and any website with +44 808 168 3668 on are too.
Comment by DAVID LYNCH on 8005620391
Sunday, 11.22.2020 @ 02:23am
This phone number was on a piece of mail that was sent to my home address. This notice was unlawful for several reasons.

1) It displayed fraudulent details on the front, readily available to anyone handling the notice, stating that it was from the "Benefit Suspension Unit" and that it was related to "Public Judgment Records."
2) Inside the folded notice, it claimed that there was a warrant issued related to a federal tax due.
3) Further, the notice claimed that levy action would be taken if I failed to contact them at the above number within 15 days.
These folks, and others like them, take great care not to be identified as the fine for sending such mail is very high. In the history of the world, nobody involved with such scams has been able to assist anyone and are pure fraud. I am going to find out who these people are and will add that information here when I do.
Comment by CJ on 7205835247
Saturday, 11.21.2020 @ 20:47pm
Scammer selling guns on different Gun Websites. Tells you to send your money and wont deliver.
Comment by Jim on 07862108555
Saturday, 11.21.2020 @ 08:08am
Numerous calls over the week telling me to answer an email from Royal Mail about a parcel from AMAZON but they have lost the tracking numberAMAZON, and to make a £3.99 card payment to complete delivery
The person hung up when I indicated she was calling me from NIGERIA.
I don?t shop with AMAZON and they don?t send stuff for free
Comment by Roger on 01495229446
Saturday, 11.21.2020 @ 06:57am
Hangs up without speaking. Has rung several times.
Comment by nadia on 7122214218
Friday, 11.20.2020 @ 18:12pm
Somebody call and left message about TCF credit card transaction.

Be aware! This is SCAM!
Comment by V.T. on 8882609876
Friday, 11.20.2020 @ 15:46pm
This number is M&T Bank Property Loss Department. They were very helpful in explaining the claim process.
Comment by Jack on 5093169195
Friday, 11.20.2020 @ 14:42pm
These people need to be put in jail scaring people. It appears they are doing this to verify a random number that can be added to a list of verified numbers that can be sold to solicitors as they never answer and their phone never answers. Best is not to answer, therefore they cannot verify that your number is a good one.
Comment by Jack on 5093169195
Friday, 11.20.2020 @ 14:32pm
These people need to be put in jail scaring people. It appears they are doing this to verify a random number that can be added to a list of verified numbers that can be sold to solicitors as they never answer and their phone never answers.
Comment by Lulu on 8336991438
Friday, 11.20.2020 @ 14:29pm
No one on the line @1:07 pm 11/20/20
Comment by Financially Handicapped on 6232394480
Thursday, 11.19.2020 @ 16:03pm
It's ROBO and there is "No Name Associated With This Number"! This Could Very Possibly Be a SCAM, but I can't confirm that Today!!!
Comment by Me on 7608547161
Thursday, 11.19.2020 @ 13:39pm
3 calls in 3 days. No message. Blocked. Enough already.
Comment by Terry on 02038902301
Thursday, 11.19.2020 @ 05:13am
Scam, saying they are from HMRC on a computer-generated message, and that you have to call them back, presumably a big and expensive mistake.
Comment by Peter on 01612650275
Wednesday, 11.18.2020 @ 17:47pm
Called today 9hrs ago did not pick up
Comment by Cris on 9175999697
Wednesday, 11.18.2020 @ 16:47pm
Told me I am entitled
To monies
From a
Action lawsuit that would pay me over &500,000 if I paid $2500 to have it released from Costa Rica
Comment by Ann Marie on 4353444550
Wednesday, 11.18.2020 @ 15:17pm
Robocall giving a phone number that I have to call to get representation on a legal matter filed against me. If I do not call, an arrest warrant will be issued ... blah, blah, blah. If I remember, the next time I get a call from this number, I'll record it and the number given to call them on. Hilarious and intrusive to me, but there are seniors who fall for this BS every day.
Comment by michael barrett on 02032894014
Wednesday, 11.18.2020 @ 12:04pm
think i have been conned out of £200 for computer cover by this number,supposed to be theaerosoft.com can you advise
Comment by Rob of NY on 4353444550
Wednesday, 11.18.2020 @ 10:29am
Robocall nonsense about my owing money to the IRS. It mentions the usual arrest warrant of I don't respond to this number. I've called 3 times (to prank and have some fun with these lowlifes but I keep getting a message that they are unable to take my call now.
Comment by Charlotte on 3477568978
Wednesday, 11.18.2020 @ 10:03am
First said I was his Grandma and when I said he had the wrong number the idiot said he was coming to my house to kill me with an AK47.
Comment by mee2 on 01254239328
Wednesday, 11.18.2020 @ 09:06am
silent call - now call blocked
Comment by Joe on 5013994244
Tuesday, 11.17.2020 @ 16:31pm
Phone was listed in an e-mail that was clearly a scam
Comment by Soledad Barker on 3463542372
Tuesday, 11.17.2020 @ 16:30pm
Called, but when I returned call, they hang up on me without responding.
Comment by Elizabeth on 6026108601
Tuesday, 11.17.2020 @ 15:52pm
I AM SO SICK OF THIS NUMBER. Every day several times a day I get Hello is Simon there from the female voice and the male voice asks me if I am selling my house. AG office to report this idiots is 888 382 1222, hit # 3 for complaint and it tells you the rest. I sincerely hope that some agency starts fining these idiots. We could bail out the national debt.
Comment by Andrew J Elder on 08708200842
Tuesday, 11.17.2020 @ 12:18pm
who is this calling
Comment by Cliff on 02072627925
Monday, 11.16.2020 @ 13:20pm
Monday 16/11/20. @ 1.27. As with Jarrod, got called by the number - which is supposed to originate in London - but not recognised so didnt answer.
Comment by setab on 01616536000
Monday, 11.16.2020 @ 03:19am
hacker aku nah

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