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Comment by cathey on 8509193353
Tuesday, 01.26.2021 @ 12:34pm
sent an email replicating an order placed on Amazon- total scam- do no give them any information
Comment by . on 3233853969
Tuesday, 01.26.2021 @ 11:04am
I wouldn't recommend to hire that person. Hermecita has serious mental problems, she's a thief and a big liar....
Hermecita Orpilla Asuncion is nothing more than a common thief and fraud.
She worked for Patricia Jackson. Crazy Hermecita didn't know that Patricia J. set up cameras all over the house.
So, Hermecita was caught stealing, some Patricia's and Patricia's daughter things (bags, perfumes, watches, shoes, purses e.t.c.). All this stuff Crazy Hermecita shipped to her own daughter to Philippines.
Her daughter Nicolette Orpilla Viber/ text at 09163351895 Sweet Fashion PH is selling stolen items on Facebook.
So of course Patricia had to call the cops and have her arrested...
Crazy Hermecita is irresponsible and a danger to the public.
Comment by OMG! on 3233853969
Monday, 01.25.2021 @ 18:38pm
Dude, hermec orpilla is such a double-bagger! 323-385-3969
hermec is cheaper than condoms and she needs make her coochie crack stop stinking! sex with hermec is a perversion. She will be nearly 70yr old soon)))) she is retired. Her body's falling apart. Well, hermec got an enormous vagina like the Grand Canyon in AZ. Just thinking about it makes me feel dirty... yucky.
Comment by California on 3233853969
Monday, 01.25.2021 @ 17:14pm
she has always been lowlifes out for all hermecita can take from people. If you want to be defrauded and lied to then go comunicate with her and feel the regret of dealing with shady criminal. creepy
Comment by Patricia on 3233853969
Monday, 01.25.2021 @ 16:24pm
323-385-3969 belongs to Hermecita Orpilla Cano Asuncion. She was born 15, February 1956. Current Address 5023 Island View St Oxnard, CA 93035-2826 She is scaming a lot of people in the US.
Comment by Friend on 3233853969
Monday, 01.25.2021 @ 15:23pm
Hermecita drinks like a fish. Every time I see her she has a beer in her hand and is drunk.
The drunken Hermecita is a broken record, telling everyone who sits next to her the same bullshit.
It would be better if instead of watching cartoons... she was thinking about her weird behavior.
Comment by Bob on 3233853969
Monday, 01.25.2021 @ 14:51pm
she is a horrible gossip, and her tales shifted from fact to fancy in the space of a minute, she is worthless Hermecita is a total human trash.I try to stay away from people like her.
Comment by on 3233853969
Monday, 01.25.2021 @ 09:20am
People always used to see Hermecita Orpilla Cano as being a little bit crazy, a bit of crackpot or something like that.
Comment by John A. on 3233853969
Monday, 01.25.2021 @ 08:35am

Without education and literacy Hermecita Orpilla worked hard as a sex-worker on the street since she was twelve years old in the Philippines. Her life is useless. Hermecita ashamed of herself. She is very low class. What does she do for a living??? She has never been married. Hermecita Orpilla has toured Singapore and USA uses herself and sells her body to men.
She gave birth to a imbecile- moron-daughter Nicolette Orpilla.
As far as we know, Nicolette Orpilla is doing real estate Imperial Brokers and she is online whore trying to scam people via internet
+63 916-335-1895
02-2-18-8966 Pasig Philippine colette1228@yahoo.com
Because Nicolette has no choice but to have chat and sex with different old men in exchange for money. Nicolette Orpilla is the lowest level.
Another warning signs is Nicolette Orpilla operating in Philippine; if you are in one country and renting a house in another country, think about whether this makes sense. That sounds like classic Philippine online scam. Money is very important to her. The scam that can better her life. Nicolette Orpilla is a crook, give her nothing.
Comment by Gary on 8667326182
Saturday, 01.23.2021 @ 21:22pm
entered into my Simultaneous Ring list for the NOMOROBO connection when installing NOMOROBO on Verizon FIOS phone !!??

Looked as though NOMOROBO loaded it since they did not offer a number to manually enter..
Comment by Trisha S on 8045522648
Saturday, 01.23.2021 @ 14:21pm
When is some agency going to address the problem of these constant robo-callers and incessant repeat callers like the gooches from Goochland, Va. and other scam callers that harass us day and night. This is not why we have phones.
Comment by Corinne on 6504093151
Saturday, 01.23.2021 @ 11:53am
Texted me and said it was door dash and I needed to call them for updates on my order. i do not use them.
Comment by Chuck on 4802320102
Saturday, 01.23.2021 @ 08:36am
Called at 4:15 in the morning with a text message for Purelle hand sanitizer advertising.. geez really 4:15am..
Comment by Kurt on 7409019347
Friday, 01.22.2021 @ 16:13pm
Same recorded message as Lee above, same order number but $299 for the transaction. I didn't bother to call the number.
Comment by DONNA on 3186663610
Friday, 01.22.2021 @ 13:21pm
Comment by kath on 03300450684
Friday, 01.22.2021 @ 11:55am
they asked me to press 1 and i would be put through i did nothing and it went dead.
Comment by WAST ABEYGUNAWARDANA on 01832279135
Friday, 01.22.2021 @ 11:24am
+436763227344 this number calling me so badly,
Comment by Jim on 9063399005
Friday, 01.22.2021 @ 10:42am
Lady says she is from Consumers Powere and wants to talk about gas delivery.
Comment by Sherie on 7077396941
Thursday, 01.21.2021 @ 17:10pm
Got an email saying my bank account would be charged $369.99 for renewal of Norton Internet Life-Lock Family Protection. I have never had this plan. Called my bank to make a note in case they try to deduct the money. Didn't ask for bank info or have a link, just the phone number to cancel for next year (not this year).
Comment by Diann Huggins on 4693180856
Thursday, 01.21.2021 @ 14:08pm
This number has called and texted me many times. Assures me I will lose over 80 pounds in less than 5 weeks if I act now:
I have blocked each one and this # keeps pestering me. I have replied Stop and deleted each one, but it gets around the block and repeatedly contacts me.
Comment by Batman on 5135403570
Thursday, 01.21.2021 @ 13:07pm
Voice message - wanted to buy my house.
Comment by Lee on 7409019347
Thursday, 01.21.2021 @ 11:21am
left a message that said suspicious activity about a transaction for $59.00 order number 7073 if I wanted to ok the tranaction dial 1 if not my transaction to call this number 740-901-9347. was a lady speaking broken english.
Comment by Andrew on 01628620220
Thursday, 01.21.2021 @ 09:43am
Claims to be from BT
Comment by Chris C...... on 07858229672
Thursday, 01.21.2021 @ 07:24am
I have received a number of calls from this supposed mobile or cell phone number. In each case when I have answered someone starts giving me a spiel about Aegon Insurance and my life insurance policy their. When I asked some direct questions I was called rude!! The Indian caller whose name was James had no answers. It is definitely a scam caller in my opinion and therefore they are trying to lure folks into giving them additional information so they can commit a fraud or theft of some kind. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE FOR A SECOND they are scamsters and thieves.
Comment by TMOBIIE on 8775916274
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 18:34pm

Comment by Daisy on 4232051104
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 15:01pm
Claims to be from Amazon Fraud Dept about a $400 purchase on my account. Wanted me to log into my account and he would direct me what to do. I wonder how many people fall for this....
Comment by Unknown on 8884210562
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 14:23pm
A robo call threatening with a message about final attempt of contacting because there is a filling a court order!
Comment by jc on 01618080190
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 09:41am
Rang and hung up
Comment by CB on 02037690656
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 05:10am
Early morning landline call. No voicemail left either.
Comment by Mike on 8632133287
Tuesday, 01.19.2021 @ 21:57pm
Typical scammer pretending to be a credit department or law firm, calling from cell phone.
Comment by Peggy on 2034052277
Tuesday, 01.19.2021 @ 21:09pm
Harassing call and voice message.
Comment by Andy on 70000023
Tuesday, 01.19.2021 @ 09:31am
I was called by a mid eastern man who said he was ringing from sky & that my internet was faulty & he could help me fix it - when I said that I was a sky engineer (which I am not) he ended the call instantly
Comment by Tony Morris on 01517008710
Tuesday, 01.19.2021 @ 06:46am
Just had a call from 01517008710 ... nothing there
Comment by Vinny on 4082563267
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 20:52pm
Safe text about roses
Comment by Gee on 8775916274
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 18:37pm
Hung up after 3 rings, no message left
Comment by Irma on 4697976415
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 18:26pm
constantly getting texts regarding rewards from Amazon, parcel delivery with different links
Comment by Anonymous on 7868302744
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 17:09pm
Do not reply to any text messages. Your IMEI number is at stake. Your phone will be wiped clean and your exact location tracked. Call 911 immediately
Comment by Anonymous on 7868302744
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 16:58pm
Don't reply to any text messages. Your IMEI is at stake and your phone will be wiped clean and your exact location tracked
Comment by Laura on 6366983969
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 16:38pm
Lowe's installs
Comment by sgt on 7279779466
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 15:00pm
Comment by Roberto on 7868302744
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 11:50am
Don't reply to any text message. This person will get a hold of your IMEI number and break into your home when he knows your not there
Comment by Wayne on 01134166865
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 10:33am
The lady stated in relation to Health & Safety requesting company contact details. When I asked "Health & Safety in relation to what exactly" she continued asking for details, I then reiterated the question she was very rude and hung up as I hadn't given her what she wanted. Extremely rude.
Comment by Tammy on 7344445053
Sunday, 01.17.2021 @ 16:07pm
Safe caller said he was getting numbers probably from a data base scam caller too!
Comment by Kath on 02081035990
Sunday, 01.17.2021 @ 06:31am
This number left a voicemail saying it was the Co-op Bank and to ring them back urgently due to fraudulent activity.
Coincidentally this occurred while online banking was offline due to an upgrade.

I rang the number with 141 to listen, and it again said it was Co-operative Bank and it would just take a moment of my time.

so obviously I hung up, and rang Co-op on the correct number, who were able to confirm there was no fraudulent activity, no note on the account to ring them, and that the number was not known to them.

This number is a SCAM.
Comment by Annoyed on 8136402156
Saturday, 01.16.2021 @ 21:32pm
Safety level: Danger / Call Type: Scam Call / Caller company: Auto Warranty SCAMMER

813-640-2156 called 16 January 2021 at 11:55am re: Auto Warranty SCAM. Recorded message Told to call 833-304-1307
Comment by Annoyed on 8333041307
Saturday, 01.16.2021 @ 21:31pm
813-640-2156 called 16 January 2021 at 11:55am re: Auto Warranty SCAM. Recorded message Told to call 833-304-1307
Comment by Annoyed on 8137106310
Saturday, 01.16.2021 @ 21:10pm
813-710-6310 called 2 January 2021 at 10:26am. Florida's Home Buyers Land Trust calling on the second day of January, REALLY? Also known as Superior Real Estate Solutions, LLC
Call type: Telemarketer. 813-710-6310 sends a postcard to your address with this phone number. States they want to buy your house. If you call it, there is a recorded message. This number then texts you back saying they couldn't take the call, but wants to talk to you..." SCAM The manipulative wording on the mailer/post card is such as to create fear among the elderly that if they don't call the number they could lose their property. To put such phrases as, "URGENT - DO NOT DISCARD THIS NOTICE!" and "We urgently need to speak with you about your property at ...... and it's potential transfer of ownership" is misleading and manipulative. This is not only poor business practices, but should be made illegal. They are preying on the elderly who could unwittingly be tricked into selling their home. The company also has the phone 727-451-9695. Superior Real Estate Solutions, LLC 2840 West Bay Dr # 336
Belleair Bluffs, FL 33770-2620 also goes by SRES LLC. and owns www.purchasemyhouseflorida.com
Comment by David leagan on 4697975659
Saturday, 01.16.2021 @ 06:48am
Says At&t message....unknown to me
Comment by DL on 01142129957
Friday, 01.15.2021 @ 13:10pm
Scam/phishing pretending to be HMRC. American, female robotic voicemail left on my mobile hours after their original call which I missed. Don't answer, call back or engage.
Comment by Nick on 07418353411
Friday, 01.15.2021 @ 12:03pm
This number keeps calling my mobile. I have not answered and put a block on it has I don't know the number. It has been answered once but the phone line went dead.
Comment by Lloyd on 02039662288
Friday, 01.15.2021 @ 11:45am
This number calls but would not wait for me to connect my equipment to recieve the call. Who is this and do they know I require a connection of equipment to receive the call ? I have wasted 5 minutes, can insue under disability discrimination?
Comment by Colyn on 02037818380
Friday, 01.15.2021 @ 08:39am
Missed call - although phone was near me and not on silent
Comment by Anne on 5594601021
Thursday, 01.14.2021 @ 12:58pm
They keep calling. They do not leave a message. When I pick up, they hang up.
Comment by Dubya Gee on 01174431356
Thursday, 01.14.2021 @ 05:11am
Called today 14 Jan 21 at 0945. Background noise suggests call center. Hang up as soon as answered.
Comment by Sam on 8185700564
Wednesday, 01.13.2021 @ 12:20pm
This phone # is listed on dogsnow.com and the name that's tied to this # is Sharon Goodman. The ad listed that she's in California, but her ad states that she's in Hollywood, FL. The ad is questionable for the reasons below:

- Too desperate to sell a puppy.
- A little too informative.
- Possibly a little to cheap for a Samoyed puppy.
- Ad is unusually long.
Comment by Raz on 447534259505
Wednesday, 01.13.2021 @ 12:05pm
Scam, got a text from this number asking me to follow the link for my PayPal( I don?t have one). Got a call someone start talking about my tax and if I don?t pay they?ll will arrest me very soon. Waiting to be arrested 🙃
Comment by M Cole on 07958681808
Wednesday, 01.13.2021 @ 07:55am
I?ve had two text messages from this number telling me my payment to Vodafone couldn?t be taken and inviting me to update my details - which I didn?t do.
Comment by LYNNE AULD on 01413099258
Wednesday, 01.13.2021 @ 07:04am
Comment by sally on 01772972349
Wednesday, 01.13.2021 @ 03:09am
left me message on my mobile saying it was from 3saying my payment faied to complete and to verify my records to avoid service suspension . just ignored it
Comment by J b on 7754320591
Tuesday, 01.12.2021 @ 20:29pm
Spam blocked it

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