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Comment by Gennie on 002068282280
Saturday, 07.31.2021 @ 17:13pm
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Comment by Fred on 8054676716
Saturday, 07.31.2021 @ 08:24am
Scam email claiming to be from PayPal about a purchase supposedly made through my PayPal account. This phone number given as the number to call "If you have any concern about this order or you believe there is an error in this transaction."
Comment by RJ Persico on 7603827689
Friday, 07.30.2021 @ 19:23pm
The phone number belonged to a 29 year old white female. She lives in Ridgecrest, ca. The phone as far as I know is not working, but im not sure.
Comment by Friend on 3233853969
Friday, 07.30.2021 @ 17:19pm
Hermecita drinks like a fish. Every time I see her she has a beer in her hand and is drunk.
The drunken Hermecita is a broken record, telling everyone who sits next to her the same bullshit.
It would be better if instead of watching cartoons... she was thinking about her weird behavior.
Comment by John A. on 3233853969
Friday, 07.30.2021 @ 17:16pm

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She gave birth to a imbecile- moron-daughter Nicolette Orpilla.
As far as we know, Nicolette Orpilla is doing real estate Imperial Brokers and she is online whore trying to scam people via internet
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Comment by OMG! on 3233853969
Friday, 07.30.2021 @ 17:13pm
Dude, hermec orpilla is such a double-bagger! 323-385-3969
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Comment by Lorraine on 01917510055
Friday, 07.30.2021 @ 07:54am
Says they are ringing from Microsoft and that my pc has been hacked. The same person also rang from 0151 456 0201. They were able to read back to me my Microsoft Licence number and said they would help me solve the problem! Ended call. They tried ringing several times again on both 0191 751 0055 and 0151 456 0201.
Comment by Ken on 0012013386459
Thursday, 07.29.2021 @ 11:38am
Scammer "Adam" trying to sell vitamins 15 a day needed to "rid body of toxins" and asking for bank details.

Comment by John on 0669738799
Thursday, 07.29.2021 @ 10:28am
Calls about once a week now twice this week - Woman on line (Not recordeing) keeps saying 'Hello'
Comment by MARY ANN on 061482304
Thursday, 07.29.2021 @ 09:11am
Calles but did'nt leave a message..did not answer
Comment by Ankita on 8290282203
Thursday, 07.29.2021 @ 05:23am
I get calls every alternate night. Spam call.
Comment by Margie on 8776634333
Wednesday, 07.28.2021 @ 16:48pm
Left a voice mail saying they were Aligis Care and wanted to offer me a FREE in home visit re health care.
A FREE health care check seemed suspicious. I did not trust so looked number up on net. This was the first call to my home phone so far.
Comment by SG on 01740655425
Wednesday, 07.28.2021 @ 10:04am
Just received a call from 01740655425, which is local to me, saying they were from Amazon and that someone had tried to order a £699 phone from my account. She mentioned sending me some emails to help prevent it happening and to ensure I did not pay. I checked my account online, no suspicious activity. It was obvious this Asian female was calling from a very noisy call centre, she also gave me the name of the person who was using my account. This is a scam!!! If you get a similar call do not give any information and just hang up.
Comment by Philip Tinsley III on 4322179524
Wednesday, 07.28.2021 @ 08:31am
Claims to distribute WALMART Pandemic Funds, $1000-$5000.
Comment by John Gallon on 07485475433
Wednesday, 07.28.2021 @ 07:16am
diverts to fake site requiring info
Comment by sara on 01613936460
Tuesday, 07.27.2021 @ 08:11am
This no phoned my mobile no on 26th July at 9.08pm & was trying for 8 minutes. As my phone was switched off I was unable to take it

I tried to call it back to see if it was someone important or the hospital I regularly attend or any of my tutors or authority/services but all I got was an auto voice saying Sorry this mailbox is full up & not accepting anymore calls"

I know the STD is a Manchester no as it starts 0161 - but what I also dont know is what towns would start nos with 393
Comment by Becky on 6644140779
Monday, 07.26.2021 @ 16:21pm
telephone rang and no voice mail left
Comment by DOUG on 5052087308
Monday, 07.26.2021 @ 13:44pm
Caller ID said ALBUQUERQUE. Didn't answer.
Comment by Adrian on 01613549857
Monday, 07.26.2021 @ 11:17am
This is a Spam call ignore
Comment by Deb on 5312475058
Monday, 07.26.2021 @ 10:44am
called and did not leave a message
Comment by David Bond on 03448712300
Monday, 07.26.2021 @ 08:00am
This is RAC Insurance bank credit transaction code. It is genuine.
Comment by Nina on 79067588628
Monday, 07.26.2021 @ 04:13am
This must be a scam. Please be very careful.Wanted to stay at my AirBnb for over a month.
Comment by Sean on 6139028119
Friday, 07.23.2021 @ 16:11pm
Same thing here. I had several calls from that number, but I use my iPhone?s anti-telemarketer function so if a number is not in my contact list, it goes directly to voicemail without my phone ringing - and no voicemail was left after several calls were made from the unfamiliar number. (I get 3-5 telemarketing calls daily - even though my phone number is on the ?Do-not-call? registry - all from American telemarketing companies where our laws are extraterritorial so don?t apply, but they spoof the caller-ID in order to make it look as if the call came from a Canadian number). So there?s nothing I can do under Caadian law to halt the telemarketer nuisance calls. Luckily, my iPhone added that facility a version of two of iOS ago - and it works well as I can just look up the number to see if it is a valid number - and telemarketers seldom leave messages. :) and I know before returning the call if it is someone who I actually know, as if they aren?t (I look up repeated calls first through search engines to see it here are other reports of issues regarding the number) - by calling back, it just shows your number is valid so the calls then end up increasing in number as a consequence). It?s damn frustrating and annoying, especially when you?re disabled.
Comment by MARGARET on 07779579750
Friday, 07.23.2021 @ 05:53am
Comment by jim on 9029618562
Thursday, 07.22.2021 @ 17:57pm
scammer trying to get CC info
Comment by Marie on 6137838625
Thursday, 07.22.2021 @ 16:47pm
This number has been calling every day for weeks. Never leaves a message.
Comment by Robert E on 8037212778
Thursday, 07.22.2021 @ 15:19pm
Multiple phone calls from this number. They never leave a message. Based on similar experiences I strongly suspect the calls are real estate related.
Comment by Dee on 4243070714
Thursday, 07.22.2021 @ 12:47pm
Claims to be an Unclaimed Prize Department for PCH. Asked me to register with career, marital status, financial advisement, and I got tired of wasting my time with him. Knew my address but couldn't pronounce it. Heavy foreign accent.
Comment by Shawn on 6193130604
Thursday, 07.22.2021 @ 00:06am
This cell phone number belongs to the owner of SJBM Consulting Inc. a Paralegal Support Services Corporation. They handle court cases, Creating motions, briefs, investigate cases for trial and the preparation of those cases along with all subsequent information thereof.

They are a legitimate business with offices in San Diego, California and Cleveland, Ohio this is the owners cell phone.
Comment by Blanche on 4257777190
Wednesday, 07.21.2021 @ 19:01pm
caller ID showed this number. When I answered, male voice said we are looking for _(my first and last name.) I told them "she isn't here right now. Can you tell me who is calling?" and they hung up. I called back the listed number and a recording said "the person at extension five is on the phone...." and I hung up to check on the internet to see if this was a telemarketer or scam.
Comment by Nikki S on 9802563163
Wednesday, 07.21.2021 @ 11:32am
Calls about every 10 minutes sometimes for about 3-4 times & never leaves a voicemail.
Comment by rene rivera on 8183094657
Tuesday, 07.20.2021 @ 23:05pm
Calls, but leaves no message identifying which company's customer support is calling. usually do this 2 or 3 times/day.
Comment by Tom on 8127552193
Tuesday, 07.20.2021 @ 15:56pm
Spam indicating they will charge the card you have stored with Amazon unless you call them back. Obviously trying to trick you. Ignore it.
Comment by RC on 3322207063
Tuesday, 07.20.2021 @ 14:55pm
Received text showing as Walmart, indicating that I have a parcel, "to schedule collection before it is returned to sender" with a link. I know nothing of this "parcel" and have not ordered anything from Walmart. I AM NOT falling for the clickbait/link.
Comment by Brian Legg on 02032874487
Tuesday, 07.20.2021 @ 11:17am
My screen was suddenly locked and a message told me not to close down my computer but to contact Microsoft security on this number. I was apprehensive but nevertheless called the number to find "David" responding to my call asking what my problem was. The person on the line spoke with what I believe to be an Indian accent. Alarm bells rang as I thought David is not normally the first name associated with a person of Asian decent, so I asked him again who he was and he just replied David. I asked David who?...and no reply. I then asked where he was based, to which he replied London....I said London is a big place, whereabouts in London are you based, what's the address?...again no reply except just London why did I want to know. I told him in a mimic Indian accent that I wanted to know because he was trying to scam me and not very politely that he should go away and I put the phone down, turned off my computer, restarted it, changed my password and tried to find the source.
Hence my comments on this site...don't get scammed.
Comment by David M. on 08000856280
Monday, 07.19.2021 @ 15:39pm
I believe that 0800 085 6280 is for activation of a new credit card from Halifax Building Society.
Comment by DONNA on 6292360489
Monday, 07.19.2021 @ 12:35pm
Comment by E on 8002424038
Monday, 07.19.2021 @ 11:58am
Live female elderly voice asked to speak to someone regarding our Nationwide commercial policy (but we don't have Nationwide.) I asked to take a message, she gave 800-242-4038 as a call back. Caller ID said she was calling from 434-427-0015 from company GDCC - a data collection company with a very shoddy website. She asked for the name of the person who would be returning the call, I refused to answer.
Comment by Kevin D on 01213892211
Monday, 07.19.2021 @ 11:43am
Usual trawler, rings you and when you answer, they hang up, expecting you to call them back. Delete the number and block it.
Comment by pat on 07484862316
Monday, 07.19.2021 @ 06:54am
Left text message from Post Office sorry we missed you with a link asking for info didn't click into it
Comment by food delivery on 8608493124
Sunday, 07.18.2021 @ 21:39pm
He swore at me on the phone when I called to have him ring me into a secured building, then proceeded to say Wassup N!@@& when he answered the door and F-You N!@@& as he slammed the door on me. Not sure if he was a rude drunk, or if he had Tourettes Syndrome. Either way he didn't even tip me after dealling with that.LOL
Comment by David on 02039711933
Saturday, 07.17.2021 @ 06:07am
I received a call from this number the day after dealing with Domestic and General which made me think it was a genuine call. After asking me about various items I have such as washing machines etc I was asked how I paid my BT bill, was it direct debit etc. At this point I realised they would be asking for bank details so I hung up. If I had told them which bank it was you can guarantee I would later receive a scam call about 'activity' on my account.

The question in my mind is whether Domestic and General have either deliberately given out my details or whether their phone is somehow being tapped to get information. The number used to phone me is not recognised when I checked.
Comment by Luke on 02037903562
Saturday, 07.17.2021 @ 03:55am
Nobody answers and phone goes dead after one ring
Comment by Sharon on 8007529481
Thursday, 07.15.2021 @ 19:12pm
Calling every 30 minutes. Doesn't leave messages. When dialed, recorder answers.
Comment by Arthur on 09011490500
Thursday, 07.15.2021 @ 18:56pm
I have been scammed by this number two 11.5 minute calls and didn't speak to anyone then got a 90 pounds bill on sky mobile I got in touch with the Action fraud team and now have a police crime ref number but as yet sky will not dismiss the charge I have now been told the p s a will help me fingers crossed
Comment by Claire on 0345172008811
Thursday, 07.15.2021 @ 07:25am
Very noisy call centre sounds in the background. Claimed to be from Open Reach and doing work in the area. Started to say there was a problem with internet speed and asked if I was near the router. At that point I ended the call.
Comment by Ken on 8623524326
Wednesday, 07.14.2021 @ 18:53pm
Bank called #debit card locked. Bogus
Comment by old man moses on 2189016991
Wednesday, 07.14.2021 @ 16:06pm
The caller asked for info concernng supposed location of one ; Charlotte Landry/Lantry ?
I told them that if they had to go to a phone line to find information the should not bein the position to ask strangers. I can find anyone within 30minutes with just the internet. The scammers are total idiots
Comment by Robert on 8887493128
Wednesday, 07.14.2021 @ 15:04pm
Call IS FROM SHAW Value Retention service, NOT A SCAM.
Offered me an upgrade on Internet service, I got a new WiFi Modem mailed free and double download speed and increased Data limit for 45% off for 2 year contract. After 2 yrs I will be paying the same as before when I had less speed and less bandwidth.
Caller is legit because they asked for no financial info, knew my existing plan and address and email, and my next Shaw bill indeed was 1/2 price!
WiFi modem was great, now my wifi has 4 bars everywhere in house, before was 1 bar in back of house.
Comment by John on 6789568315
Wednesday, 07.14.2021 @ 14:00pm
678-956-8315 :: Two rings, hangup
Comment by Motherduck84 on 02032874487
Wednesday, 07.14.2021 @ 12:39pm
SCAM. This locked up my computer yesterday and again today. A monotonous voice keeps repeating that my system has been locked and not to restart the computer as it will result in identity theft. The only way to get it off your screen is to restart. Just need to work out how to make sure it is not hiding in my computer or find out where it is coming from. It maybe that it is triggered when I click on a "news" item from my home screen. I ran the utility programmes I have on my computer yesterday and nothing was found. This is really irritating.
Comment by Martin on 02036302047
Wednesday, 07.14.2021 @ 10:07am
Couldn't understand what the person was trying to say. Told him that I couldn't understand what he was saying and he then hung up. Had received 5 or 6 attempted calls from this number. Indian / Pakistani sounding accent but might be anywhere. Obviously a SCAM call
Comment by William Aighton on 02032874487
Wednesday, 07.14.2021 @ 09:31am
A Message on our computer says our system has been locked and to call Microsoft Contact 02032874487 to unlock. Restarting the computer will result in identity theft and loss of information.
Comment by Fred on 8665567759
Tuesday, 07.13.2021 @ 20:24pm
I was called from this number. about my account with UMB. I contacted my local branch and found out it is a legitimate number for UMB. Specifically the Loss Mitigation Department. Turns Out I had missed a payment on my car loan.
Comment by Abdul on 02085782590
Tuesday, 07.13.2021 @ 12:12pm
Howdens joinery
Comment by david philip rainford on 07485555947
Tuesday, 07.13.2021 @ 12:11pm
07485555947 left a text - post office have re directed a package due to unpaid shipping bill- to schedule delivery please visit https//postoffice-tracking-fees.com/........i am waiting for a parcel but this is a scam.
Comment by Cindy on 4044765694
Monday, 07.12.2021 @ 17:31pm
They call and call.. I finally answered and all it says was "thank you for completing our survey"! I didn't complete anything nor did I talk to anyone. When I called it back I get a message this # is not accepting calls at this time. I'm sick of these scamming people!!!
Comment by BOB on 4509519265
Monday, 07.12.2021 @ 12:52pm
It's a fax
Comment by Bob on 8623524326
Monday, 07.12.2021 @ 10:30am
Debit card locked........ Bogus !!!
Comment by Ekaterina on 9146501135
Sunday, 07.11.2021 @ 12:11pm
Does anyone know who this number belongs to? they call me like 9x a day

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