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Comment by john on 09037271122
Wednesday, 10.20.2021 @ 11:44am
i was charged £3.70 by sky for this phonecall,i dont think i ever rang the number,it was a 5 second call,i think its a scam,but i cant find out who the number belongs to.
Comment by Palu on 08007404404
Wednesday, 10.20.2021 @ 09:46am
Claimed to be from HSBC. Their number is 03457 404 404.
Comment by Jik on 01202159701
Tuesday, 10.19.2021 @ 12:29pm
Scammer. Silent call
Comment by Maureen Paynter on 01918162955
Tuesday, 10.19.2021 @ 11:47am
Was sent message as a result of callers to door purporting to be an energy company who could get me a fixed rate for energy to circumvent the bike in energy prices.Were not happy that I wanted to investigate further as trying to get me to agree immediately.As I could not verify they were legitimate I refused and terminated the conversation
Comment by al on 3132093423
Tuesday, 10.19.2021 @ 11:39am
says they are from blue cross of michigan and trying to offer you other items with your medicare. this is not a blue cross phone number
Comment by mark on 02083311155
Monday, 10.18.2021 @ 17:28pm
02083311155 they calledme at 22.30 hrs and I was answer the girl said she is my next door and lets me open main gate for her
Comment by John's a bitch on 8587266160
Monday, 10.18.2021 @ 09:12am
Fuck ur you to bitch John
Comment by Cindy on 315675001
Monday, 10.18.2021 @ 09:09am
Fuck u
Comment by Jim on 8623524331
Sunday, 10.17.2021 @ 15:31pm
This appears to be a scam number. I get texts that my debit card is on hold and I must call to correct. This is not true and sender has no affiliation with my bank.
Comment by Ambassador For Christ on 7345458482
Saturday, 10.16.2021 @ 20:15pm
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Comment by John A. on 3233853969
Saturday, 10.16.2021 @ 15:25pm

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She gave birth to a imbecile- moron-daughter Nicolette Orpilla.
As far as we know, Nicolette Orpilla is doing real estate Imperial Brokers and she is online whore trying to scam people via internet
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Because Nicolette has no choice but to have chat and sex with different old men in exchange for money. Nicolette Orpilla is the lowest level.
Another warning signs is Nicolette Orpilla operating in Philippine; if you are in one country and renting a house in another country, think about whether this makes sense. That sounds like classic Philippine online scam. Money is very important to her. The scam that can better her life. Nicolette Orpilla is a crook, give her nothing.
Comment by LJH on 5594131069
Friday, 10.15.2021 @ 17:43pm
Strange spam call: calling for donations for a Police officer's fund, but oddly, eerily asked for me by my first name! Also long delays before each of his responses - recording the call or slow internet calling service?

He said they couldn't send a donation envelope unless I made a minimum commitment of $20. I said I might donate the minimum after I review the info. He then asked if I am "100% comfortable with my commitment", to which I replied not until I've seen their info. His response was simply "have a nice rest of your day" and hung up.
Comment by Roy on 7042597608
Friday, 10.15.2021 @ 15:08pm
My callerid says the call came from KINGS MTN here in NC
Comment by Why? on 3233853969
Thursday, 10.14.2021 @ 18:02pm

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Thursday, 10.14.2021 @ 12:32pm
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Comment by amanda ford on 07970137745
Thursday, 10.14.2021 @ 05:28am
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Comment by SW15 PUTNEY on 03451740093
Thursday, 10.14.2021 @ 04:57am
This is an unwarranted and evil caller. no message was left on my answering machine, such practices must be stopped! what is their purpose? How did they get hold of my private number? They must be reported to the Police.
I believe firms are trading in phone numbers given to them under legitimate terms to corrupt peoples for some form of exchange.

Only families and merchants firms have my phone number.
Comment by Patricia on 3233853969
Wednesday, 10.13.2021 @ 17:15pm
323-385-3969 belongs to Hermecita Orpilla Cano Asuncion. She was born 15, February 1956. Current Address 5023 Island View St Oxnard, CA 93035-2826 She is scaming a lot of people in the US.
Comment by Michael on 3233853969
Wednesday, 10.13.2021 @ 15:41pm
Hermecita Orpilla Cano is FBI's Most Wanted, so go fuck yourself.
Comment by Bryan on 2406851713
Wednesday, 10.13.2021 @ 15:16pm
This number showed up on my caller ID as Verizon at 2:49 PM on October 13, 2021.
Obviously, this is not a number for
Comment by . on 3233853969
Wednesday, 10.13.2021 @ 14:44pm
I wouldn't recommend to hire that person. Hermecita has serious mental problems, she's a thief and a big liar....
Hermecita Orpilla Asuncion is nothing more than a common thief and fraud.
She worked for Patricia Jackson. Crazy Hermecita didn't know that Patricia J. set up cameras all over the house.
So, Hermecita was caught stealing, some Patricia's and Patricia's daughter things (bags, perfumes, watches, shoes, purses e.t.c.). All this stuff Crazy Hermecita shipped to her own daughter to Philippines.
Her daughter Nicolette Orpilla Viber/ text at 09163351895 Sweet Fashion PH is selling stolen items on Facebook.
So of course Patricia had to call the cops and have her arrested...
Crazy Hermecita is irresponsible and a danger to the public.
Comment by Hannah on 03006145000
Wednesday, 10.13.2021 @ 07:23am
Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust
Comment by Des on 01273987715
Wednesday, 10.13.2021 @ 05:44am
Should have read caller id......
Comment by Des on 01273987715
Wednesday, 10.13.2021 @ 05:43am
When I answered they hung up. As have called is will not bother picking up in future.
Why don't these people get a life!!
Comment by Bea on 8053176241
Tuesday, 10.12.2021 @ 11:58am
Email saying I have been debited for software for which I have subscribed! Interesting that phone code is for North America but company is registered in South Africa. MCC SECURITY System
Comment by chris Phillips on 01173027713
Tuesday, 10.12.2021 @ 05:44am
rang twice, second time was blocked by anti spam/scam app. chose to blacklist.
Comment by Brenda F Mitchel on 1763274389
Monday, 10.11.2021 @ 10:03am
A guy said he was from United Health Care and requested information, which I didn't give.
Comment by antonio jarnalo on 8883672970
Sunday, 10.10.2021 @ 17:36pm
It is been taken every month an amount of money from my account with the ref 128320002569 and I don't know who autorised this action. Descrition: INT CARD 00010001 NJYLVTGTHR.COM 888-367-2970 FL US.
Comment by Kevin on 07306594392
Saturday, 10.9.2021 @ 14:55pm
I received a txt stating it was DPD and that I had a delivery fee to pay or my parcel would be returned to sender. Quoted a website for me to visit to make payment
Comment by Liz on 07597626940
Saturday, 10.9.2021 @ 09:11am
I was phoned by this number today 9.10.2021 at lunchtime saying that £600 had been taken out of my account just like the engineer. It's a scam because Mastercard and Visa never contact you directly.
Comment by engineer on 07597626940
Saturday, 10.9.2021 @ 04:35am
Recorded message saying that a purchase of £600 had been made on my credit card FROM A FOREIGN country and to press 1 to proceed. I hung up!! not believing it was genuine.
Comment by Frustrated on 8153932013
Friday, 10.8.2021 @ 22:10pm
Didn't even answer blocked call late at night
Comment by Stuart on 02082887777
Friday, 10.8.2021 @ 17:04pm
After much research I have that found 02082887777 was BMW Croydon. Not entirely an unsolicited call
Comment by Zz on 8336592084
Thursday, 10.7.2021 @ 15:30pm
mine came on a land line and caller ID shows 800 Spam Service..seriously
pacific time, 0941 am 10/ 7/21..i never pick up if at home ...wasn't home..out of curiousity , called it, using *67 to block my #..got a recording , says they are a political call and that they are exempt from govt do not call lists. and want to make sure we are all informed . This isn't fair to all of us . check out other sites for this #..they are using it for other scams besides alleged political calls plus the calls are coming in from all over the country.
This tele # is abusive scam / spam
Comment by Kath on 0277548303
Thursday, 10.7.2021 @ 08:28am
Calling but I didn't answer.
Comment by irene on 6045249673
Wednesday, 10.6.2021 @ 23:45pm
twice today had this number phoneme. It comes up a suspected scam, so I do not answer. now will block this number
Comment by LeggyLady on 3025511233
Wednesday, 10.6.2021 @ 18:35pm
Keeps calling and never leaves a msg
Comment by Justice on 8052044855
Wednesday, 10.6.2021 @ 16:58pm
Telemarketing scam
Comment by Daddy on 8889719336
Wednesday, 10.6.2021 @ 16:44pm
A lady called my relatives from a local number trying to get information about me. Eventually that local number called me and left 2 messages saying I was officially notified and then second message was threating saying consider this my last chance to call back 888-971-9336 because they now have my home address. Well, I'll wait for any legal documentation if this is for real, but doesn't seem to follow federal laws by identifying who the hell they are.
Comment by MarkJ on 8553642897
Wednesday, 10.6.2021 @ 15:29pm
I got a letter recently from Bank of America requesting me to call 855-364-2897 to provide additional information about my BofA trust account. To verify the request, I visited my local BofA branch. A branch representative confirmed that the request was legitimate. The representative also told me that I could have confirmed the request was valid by calling BofA customer service at 1-800-432-1000, or by using BofA live chat online.
Comment by Elaine on 01913009152
Wednesday, 10.6.2021 @ 07:26am
They have both my landline and mobile phone numbers. They call and do not leave a message. I need to get this stopped.
Comment by Helen on 5092844058
Monday, 10.4.2021 @ 14:32pm
They say they are charging my credit card. I did not call the number.
Comment by PAUL ASHLEY RAPSON on 02075368636
Monday, 10.4.2021 @ 10:56am
Comment by Phillip P on 8559675422
Sunday, 10.3.2021 @ 18:42pm
JObletics Pro Hospitality Company Jobs Hiring
Comment by I on 9188619171
Friday, 10.1.2021 @ 14:03pm
Homewrecking little girl that needs to learn to not speak to married men.
Comment by F on 5127995373
Friday, 10.1.2021 @ 14:03pm
Adulterous 41 year old man that abandoned his family leaving them homeless, without reliable transportation for a 19 year old girl.
Comment by Mira on 5143775277
Wednesday, 09.29.2021 @ 19:51pm
They call and hang up. When i called back They pretend they returned my call, but i never call that number.
Comment by Peter on 01135340815
Wednesday, 09.29.2021 @ 10:36am
State that they are phoning from Amazon Customer Services.
Comment by Valerie Page on 07305106920
Wednesday, 09.29.2021 @ 06:48am
I received a text saying they were post office and could not deliver a parcel,
which I know is nonsense.
This is scam number
Comment by earlybird on 07306615542
Tuesday, 09.28.2021 @ 08:37am
DPD scam text claiming a parcel has been sent back to them and to click on a link. Not expecting any delivery and knowing my DPD delivery they would leave it where they always do.
Nice try!
Comment by Tired on 7732425597
Monday, 09.27.2021 @ 18:08pm
Weird voicemail from this number.
Comment by Tired on 7732423013
Monday, 09.27.2021 @ 17:31pm
Anyone know who this is?
Comment by andrew thomas on 01618204952
Monday, 09.27.2021 @ 11:09am
nuisance call, please spare me form this hell

Comment by Fred on 07306664431
Monday, 09.27.2021 @ 10:54am
Scammer: This one claims to be DPS and send a link to click. It is not a proper URL if you look.
Comment by Mr Burns on 76484377
Sunday, 09.26.2021 @ 18:42pm
I?m looking for a Mr Smithers, first name Waylon?
Comment by Cherry on 5402830612
Friday, 09.24.2021 @ 11:42am
Unknown caller makes successive calls. Does not leave message.
Comment by f on 5305292722
Thursday, 09.23.2021 @ 18:43pm
you five daughter jones drove all over the counrty all redding &anderson&corning &red bluff &chico sacramento let every body mt lassen charter is going out of business for good
Comment by Doris on 01173015200
Thursday, 09.23.2021 @ 09:57am
Health Centre making Podiatry appointments, barred from leaving voicemails
Comment by Rufus on 01143520809
Thursday, 09.23.2021 @ 06:05am
Comment by q on 5305292722
Wednesday, 09.22.2021 @ 19:51pm
i told irs you five daughter jones have pay every body back all the money you five daughter jones been black mailing &scaming every body out of million of dollars so get out of business right now

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