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Comment by John on 0286515552
Monday, 11.11.2019 @ 18:57pm
Credit Corp debt collector
Comment by Karen on 7605383030
Monday, 11.11.2019 @ 14:33pm
He says from IRA service and you owe back taxes!
Comment by Brian on 2679943853
Monday, 11.11.2019 @ 10:14am
Whoever called me from 2679943853 left no voicemail.
Comment by . on 3233853969
Monday, 11.11.2019 @ 09:13am
I wouldn't recommend to hire that person. Hermecita has serious mental problems, she's a thief and a big liar....
Hermecita Orpilla Asuncion is nothing more than a common thief and fraud.
She worked for Patricia Jackson. Crazy Hermecita didn't know that Patricia J. set up cameras all over the house.
So, Hermecita was caught stealing, some Patricia's and Patricia's daughter things (bags, perfumes, watches, shoes, purses e.t.c.). All this stuff Crazy Hermecita shipped to her own daughter to Philippines.
Her daughter Nicolette Orpilla Viber/ text at 09163351895 Sweet Fashion PH is selling stolen items on Facebook.
So of course Patricia had to call the cops and have her arrested...
Crazy Hermecita is irresponsible and a danger to the public.
Comment by john on 6315444138
Sunday, 11.10.2019 @ 14:50pm
called twice did not leave message wont answer until i here message bull*hit call i think
Comment by MARK on 02039723702
Saturday, 11.9.2019 @ 09:37am
Windows/microsoft security team want to use TEAM VIEWER to access files on my PC I WONT COMPLY
Comment by james hepburn on 02380399182
Saturday, 11.9.2019 @ 09:35am
rang at 2.25 pm sat9 nov 2019 no one there.
Comment by Trumpetier on 8559152068
Saturday, 11.9.2019 @ 06:27am
Caller left msg arequesting return call. My mon y says it t is a telemarketer t ying to sell heqlth insurance.
Comment by Tom on 5023984047
Friday, 11.8.2019 @ 18:50pm
no message calls every day
Comment by willy on 8004232323
Friday, 11.8.2019 @ 17:41pm
800-423-2323 Unknown name = caller-id. Left no message & no real caller-id, almost certainly telemarketing/solicitor.
Comment by PDB on 5127295453
Friday, 11.8.2019 @ 13:01pm
called in am, no ID, no msg, so no answer, scam ? probably from Austin !
Comment by willy on 5614131106
Friday, 11.8.2019 @ 12:20pm
561-413-1106 Boynton Beach FL - is caller-id. Left no message, plus no real caller-id equals telemarketing/solicitor usually.
Wow, lots of complaints on this in a search - most say police donation.
Comment by Jaxson on 8283758237
Friday, 11.8.2019 @ 11:46am
Apparently this is a robo call. I no longer answer numbers I don't recognize. A VM is sufficient if callback is needed. My phone App labeled it as a Spam Risk.
Comment by willy on 3126858729
Thursday, 11.7.2019 @ 17:10pm
312-685-8729 'Wireless Caller'<-Caller id. No message plus no real caller-id usually are telemarketer/solicitors & might be a spoofed number.
Comment by anon on 8452866143
Thursday, 11.7.2019 @ 16:05pm
this number belongs to some unknown party that's primarily just attempting to get your information from your name to even your address. If you get this number attached to any PSNetwork message just report the person and block the user.
Comment by willy on 7273433323
Thursday, 11.7.2019 @ 13:37pm
727-343-3323 'St Petersburg FL'<-Caller id. No message plus no real caller id usually are telemarketer/solicitors & might be a spoofed number.
Comment by annie on 0043720883966
Thursday, 11.7.2019 @ 06:06am
35 threatening calls and no one can stop it
Comment by Yohannes on 0312170101
Thursday, 11.7.2019 @ 03:51am
who are you and please send your purpose
Comment by willy on 9418934776
Wednesday, 11.6.2019 @ 19:06pm
941-893-4776 - Sarasota FL <-Caller id. No message, an evening call, plus no real caller id usually is telemarketer/solicitor & might be a spoofed number. Many report its solar elect marketing.
Comment by willy on 8559152067
Wednesday, 11.6.2019 @ 18:43pm
855-915-2067 "Unknown name" = Caller-ID. With no real caller id and not leaving a message, my guess would be telemarketing/solicitor or some scam. Might be a spoofed number.
Comment by Tori on 3477361348
Wednesday, 11.6.2019 @ 16:40pm
This is a Check Scammer, will send you a Bad Check for $5000.00
Comment by John on 6145488231
Wednesday, 11.6.2019 @ 13:57pm
calls me every day and threatens to charge 399.99 for new subscriptions. They obviously can't because they have no CC number.
Comment by willy on 7273277957
Wednesday, 11.6.2019 @ 10:49am
727-327-7957 - St Petersbrg FL <-Caller id. No message plus no real caller id usually is telemarketer/solicitor & might be a spoofed number.
Comment by willy on 7273437291
Wednesday, 11.6.2019 @ 10:17am
727-343-7291 - St Petersbrg FL <- was caller id. Didn't leave a message & no real caller id usually is telemarketing/solicitor, maybe spoofed?
Comment by Sherry on 8503449025
Wednesday, 11.6.2019 @ 08:57am
threating legal action if i don;t call
Comment by KP MORE on 027310100208
Wednesday, 11.6.2019 @ 08:06am
Comment by Kirby on 4122295037
Tuesday, 11.5.2019 @ 23:16pm
5 calls 5 days in a row
‭+1 (412) 229-5037‬
Turtle creek Pa on caller id
Answered no one there
After that let the calls go to voice mail no message left
What's up with these annoying calls
Comment by willy on 5619316591
Tuesday, 11.5.2019 @ 17:21pm
561-931-6591 'BocaRaton FL' is caller id. Seeking donations for police - from a quick search.
Comment by Amanda on 02039180690
Tuesday, 11.5.2019 @ 14:14pm
got a call, don't know who they are. when I called back it was just silent, though it had connected. I've now blocked the number.
Comment by Mmm on 4088095755
Tuesday, 11.5.2019 @ 12:42pm
Its a scam. Called me twice today saying I was a victim of SS fraud. So annoying.
Comment by willy on 7273468586
Tuesday, 11.5.2019 @ 11:11am
727-346-8586 'St Petersbrg FL' was caller id. Assume a robocall or telemarketing as they didn't press the # when prompted to ring through.
Comment by willy on 7277931785
Tuesday, 11.5.2019 @ 10:30am
727-793-1785 'Wireless caller' was caller id. A quick search shows it is free to candidates 'vote for me' or 'vote today' or other Political/Voter type calls.
Comment by Gordon on 9877756375
Monday, 11.4.2019 @ 17:46pm
they said they were Express Scripts
Comment by Laurel on 8448695223
Monday, 11.4.2019 @ 17:27pm
A robocall with computer-generated voice purportedly about "legal action against your social security number" -- obvious scam attempt.
Comment by willy on 7274876883
Monday, 11.4.2019 @ 12:51pm
727-487-6883 "Tarpon Spgs FL" was caller id. Possibly spoofed number - Robocall-Recording ending '...if you have accidentally subscribed or to talk to an executive press one".
Comment by Unknown on 8882029304
Monday, 11.4.2019 @ 12:42pm
This number is stating they are calling for "Independent carrier services" as a courtesy call to advise of a certified letter being filed at my house or workplace today. The number directs you to 888-202-9304 which actually takes you to NER which is actually Northeast Resolutions. Along the way was directed to NER at 888-202-9695. 2 calls made, 1st call trying to collect $3500 more than my balance and also would not acknowledge a filed Bankruptcy. I believe there is a scam within NER or NER is a full blown scam. Be aware
Comment by a. victim on 6096888360
Monday, 11.4.2019 @ 12:27pm
scum of the earth
Comment by Shawn on 7243811180
Monday, 11.4.2019 @ 11:27am
This is a fake number that says they are calling from the social security office and they are going to suspend payments due to fraud. Don't believe these people because first of all, I talked with the SSI department a few weeks ago. And second I got a call from them before and I asked them to stop calling so I blocked them. They will try to call from another number. Don't give them any of your personal information.
Comment by ONVOY, LLC on 7173569320
Monday, 11.4.2019 @ 11:07am
Illegal Robocalls. Scammer. Fraud. Junk caller. Phishing. Identity Theft

Comment by Richard on 9053677393
Monday, 11.4.2019 @ 10:42am
4th time calling. I never answer numbers I don't recognize.
Comment by Alan on 02037452762
Monday, 11.4.2019 @ 04:48am
They have called me a couple of times always saying their name is Tom making allegations that fibre glass insulation in roof spaces call mould problems
When I asked them for details of the research they started wittering
When I told them I was a member of the Institute of energy they hung up
Comment by Sib on 6025603167
Monday, 11.4.2019 @ 04:35am
Received 2 call last night from this number did not answer, it was Sunday and you don't bother people
Comment by Debs on 01414715734
Sunday, 11.3.2019 @ 07:11am
It is Arnold Clark ringing about car servicing
Comment by Ed on 8557890305
Saturday, 11.2.2019 @ 21:17pm
This number was provided with a fake E Mail confirmation from Amazon of an order placed to be delivered to Wilmington Delaware, when called and we realized immediately it was probably not safe asked if they were with Amazon and they hung up. Not answering repeated calls back.
Comment by willy on 9045064038
Saturday, 11.2.2019 @ 10:45am
904-506-4038 - 'Unknown name' was caller id & typically these calls that don't have a real caller id & don't leave a message are usually spoofed & will be telemarketing/solicitors that have just tossed a big question mark as to their honesty.
Comment by F.Muyldermans on 03456000404
Saturday, 11.2.2019 @ 08:01am
Today is Saturday 02/11/2019. I received a letter through the post headed Royal London. The contents of the letter is about Dividends from an ISA with an ISA number.
It states " Please find attached a cheque for £pounds" and so on. No cheque attached to this letter. It also states "If you require further information to contact customer service department on 0345 600 0404". On closer inspection the letter looks like a photo copy taken. That's why I checked the phone number on line. Surprising this number comes up as a nuisance call.
I have dailed the number and a recorded voice saying offices closed hours of business 8.30 to 5.30 Mon to Fri.
There is also a e.mail address on the letter, technical.services@capitafinancial.com
The letter is singed by the name of Grainne Bamforth
Customer Service Manager
Capita Financial Group
Comment by FRAUD SERIOUS on 8382827970
Friday, 11.1.2019 @ 20:31pm
Number 838-282-7970 calls me, you can't block number said it's invalid!! I called the number recording says this Numbers being investigated for fraud repeats this disconnects call get hang up sound but call still showing its connected and call timers running. YOU NEED TO REPORT THIS TO FTC AND FBI IMMEDIATELY THIS IS ESPECIALLY DANGEROUS YOU CAN'T BLOCK THE NUMBER EITHER
Comment by lee on 2812588664
Friday, 11.1.2019 @ 19:22pm
says to call them back we have suspicious information about you , when you callback we need your last 4 # of ssn# if you don't call back we will have a warrant for your arrest. Bring it you don't even say a name your looking for. SPAM , delete , block & report !!!
Comment by willy on 7273433253
Friday, 11.1.2019 @ 16:46pm
727-343-3253 "St Petersburg FL" was caller id. Might be spoofed as no real caller id & Left no message, probably telemarketing/solicitors.
Comment by R D on 5099564804
Friday, 11.1.2019 @ 14:05pm
Five silent phone calls from this number in the last three days. Never any message.
Comment by David on 01413198939
Friday, 11.1.2019 @ 12:15pm
Lady called offering free window inspection for older properties with possible grants
Comment by willy on 5617051819
Friday, 11.1.2019 @ 11:51am
561-705-1819 'Boca Raton FL' was caller id. Possibly spoofed number when it has no real caller id - Left no message typical of telemarketing/solicitors. Some sites report it is police donation solicitors.
Comment by Daniel on 441512681676
Friday, 11.1.2019 @ 08:17am
Called my Swedish number, no idea who.
Comment by Bill on 8323429083
Thursday, 10.31.2019 @ 15:12pm
Phishing scam, left message saying my SS# was compromised and I need to call back or an arrest warrant will be issued.
Comment by willy on 9412167453
Thursday, 10.31.2019 @ 11:21am
941-216-7453 'Bradenton FL' is caller id. Did not leave a message & no real caller id usually means telemarketing/solicitor.
Comment by frank on 9037086393
Thursday, 10.31.2019 @ 10:56am
social security scam
Comment by Tim on 08002799493
Thursday, 10.31.2019 @ 08:29am
This is a conference calling service number. The conference call system allows you to dial someone else in so it may be missdialled numbers that are reported.
Comment by Dickhead on 01344471527
Thursday, 10.31.2019 @ 07:33am
Comment by Bruce on 8663281340
Wednesday, 10.30.2019 @ 17:22pm
got a voice mail about a case # and address with the name of someone I don't know from 2010. Documents will be filed with or without my consent?
Comment by jolly on 0312170101
Wednesday, 10.30.2019 @ 17:10pm
got missed calls but when i call back they say it isnt correct

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