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Comment by . on 3233853969
Wednesday, 04.8.2020 @ 09:30am
I wouldn't recommend to hire that person. Hermecita has serious mental problems, she's a thief and a big liar....
Hermecita Orpilla Asuncion is nothing more than a common thief and fraud.
She worked for Patricia Jackson. Crazy Hermecita didn't know that Patricia J. set up cameras all over the house.
So, Hermecita was caught stealing, some Patricia's and Patricia's daughter things (bags, perfumes, watches, shoes, purses e.t.c.). All this stuff Crazy Hermecita shipped to her own daughter to Philippines.
Her daughter Nicolette Orpilla Viber/ text at 09163351895 Sweet Fashion PH is selling stolen items on Facebook.
So of course Patricia had to call the cops and have her arrested...
Crazy Hermecita is irresponsible and a danger to the public.
Comment by Yippy-ki-yay on 3524058076
Wednesday, 04.8.2020 @ 08:34am
352-405-8076 Bronson FL - was caller id and left no message - typical of spam.
Comment by Ken on 7083160444
Wednesday, 04.8.2020 @ 07:13am
Anybody know abt this number? They are calling from muktiple numbers. 708-316-0440 thru 0447. Not only my cell but a 2nd phn that is not mine.
Comment by Whoopty-Do on 6786616407
Tuesday, 04.7.2020 @ 18:25pm
678-661-6407 Statham GA - was caller-id & left no message. Likely a spam call.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7273616711
Tuesday, 04.7.2020 @ 14:50pm
727-361-6711 Tarpon Springs FL - was caller id. Left no message, likely a spam caller.
Comment by cali on 6018794847
Tuesday, 04.7.2020 @ 12:49pm
Message on answering machine - 9:25 a.m. Apr 7 2020
"Yuh, Mr. David Miller calling from the Americana make a million sweepstakes. As soon as you get this message,
please call our office at 601 879-4847 601 879-4847 to claim your prize".

I believe a scam!?!
Comment by misty on 03450760191
Tuesday, 04.7.2020 @ 03:56am
its channel 4 tv
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7272951133
Monday, 04.6.2020 @ 17:54pm
727-295-1133 St Petersburg FL; was caller id and left no message. Usually, city name caller-id's are spam.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7273069197
Monday, 04.6.2020 @ 11:29am
727-306-9197 Unknown Name; was caller id & left no message. Most likely a spam caller.
Comment by carol on 6033672083
Monday, 04.6.2020 @ 11:19am
Verizon identifies it as spam call, did not answer, called twice within 20 minutes
Comment by Ginger on 8656947963
Saturday, 04.4.2020 @ 10:36am
Called for Brown Chiropractic
Comment by Joey on 8443492199
Friday, 04.3.2020 @ 03:24am
Wtf are you doing Cindy
Comment by JeanAnne on 7243132292
Thursday, 04.2.2020 @ 15:35pm
Called - left a message about my Social Security Disability application. I don't have one of those. Scam much?
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 9122997703
Thursday, 04.2.2020 @ 15:13pm
912-299-7703 Potential Spam; was caller id & left no message. I called it back, 'Home Buyers Incorporated' wants to buy your property......... Lots of loud talking in the background.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 8503123679
Thursday, 04.2.2020 @ 12:26pm
850-312-3679 Potential Spam; was caller id & left no message.
Comment by on 3233853969
Thursday, 04.2.2020 @ 10:09am
her stupidity might be her one saving grace.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7274779488
Thursday, 04.2.2020 @ 09:43am
727-477-9488 Potential Spam; was caller id. Second time its called within about a week. who is it... I don't know, let's call them back from another phone... roof repair/replacement sales .. boiler room, lots of people talking in the background.
Comment by Max on 02477952078
Thursday, 04.2.2020 @ 06:53am
Called me today 2 April 2020 on my landline saying belong to the Vodafone the accent was a man from the Middle East definitely a scammer I asked him to send me an email he said i couldn’t so I hanged the phone...
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 72726509177272651599
Wednesday, 04.1.2020 @ 18:15pm
727-265-0917 Auguste Harman, was caller-id; - announced himself as Eric, then left a message trying to sell roofing and said to "call 727-265-1599 my name is Paul".
Comment by Ray on 6083878161
Wednesday, 04.1.2020 @ 10:49am
Hi I'm April I'm an employment specialist and I may have an opportunity here for you, beep hang up, this is what it says when I answer the call, I also received the same call from a number 608-557-5075.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 8503916768
Tuesday, 03.31.2020 @ 18:58pm
850-391-6768 Potential Spam; was caller id.
Comment by Vivian on 8327863943
Tuesday, 03.31.2020 @ 17:04pm
I have had numerous calls for this number so I blocked it, it only rings once. It is very irritating!
Comment by Mark on 03453030299
Tuesday, 03.31.2020 @ 14:41pm
I had a call from this number.
The guy "Steve Townsend" from the Natwest solihull call centre tried to get my Nat West customer number and stated someone was using my card.
I refused to cooperate
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7272935982
Tuesday, 03.31.2020 @ 11:21am
727-293-5982 Auto Warranty Service - spam.
Comment by Wayne on 7146371304
Sunday, 03.29.2020 @ 16:42pm
I took the call, and waited for the 'boop' sound of the telemarketer coming onto the call.
Local callers are often local contractors looking to give me free estimates for work in my home.
Got the 'boop'. It was from The Home Center, one of many contractors from them that have been calling me for months.
I informed this guy that I receive plenty of calls from The Home Center, including from his boss Doug Anderson, who said that he would stop the calls.
https://www.homecenterinc.net/ . There is no phone number on the site, and no street address. She told that the phone number is 747-248-7038, which is on the other side of the L.A. metro area from me.

From Yelp: Phone number
(818) 902-1764
Complaints about this business's telemarketing go back to 2017.
Comment by Zebedee on 03450757060
Friday, 03.27.2020 @ 14:45pm
Having ignored three incoming calls [One call per day over three days] from an unfamiliar number, it transpired that Barclays Bank had been clever enough to provide support for those who actually answer unfamiliar incoming calls!

Phone number checker | Barclays

It's safe to call this number.

Top tip
Fraudsters can 'spoof' phone numbers, this means they make it look like they're calling you from one of our numbers. If you receive a call and you're not totally sure it's from us, end the call and ring us back instead . You can use the number on the back of your Barclays debit card or any other number that our checker confirms is safe to call.

So, an incoming call which declares any phone number might not actually be coming from the declared phone!

Isn't modern technology wonderful?

By the way, Google reported finding *two* webpages which published information about this number [26-3-2020]. However, other search engines are available! Qwant reported 33 matches, including a few websites which had two webpages which carried matches for the phone number.

See also:

The Phone Scam
Comment by Anna on 4705758174
Friday, 03.27.2020 @ 14:20pm
Left message stating charges were brought against me in a place I don't even live and I must call back immediately.

Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7274779488
Friday, 03.27.2020 @ 13:35pm
727-477-9488 Potential Spam; was caller id and left no message.
Comment by roninvt on 8024002699
Thursday, 03.26.2020 @ 13:30pm
loud noise followed by hang up 3/26/2020 12:34
Comment by David on 4082563267
Wednesday, 03.25.2020 @ 14:51pm
Responding to Ad. No issues.
Comment by Reuben on 07736712582
Wednesday, 03.25.2020 @ 05:30am
Called regarding my Yamaha i put through there website (Webuyanybike.com) , ended up increasing my offer to a price i was happy with and purchased my bike , a very helpful and beneficial call !
Comment by Rodney on 07930381681
Monday, 03.23.2020 @ 18:17pm
James trying to sell Leather Y fronts
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 9123013260
Monday, 03.23.2020 @ 17:55pm
912 301-3260 Unknown Caller; was caller-id and left no message - likely a typical solicitor/telemarketing call.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7272688269
Monday, 03.23.2020 @ 14:12pm
727-268-8269 Hudson FL; was caller-id & left no message. Smells like the typical spam call.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7272935708
Monday, 03.23.2020 @ 10:25am
727-293-5708 Unknown Name; was caller id and left no message. Smells like spam.
Comment by Pema on 03333440000
Sunday, 03.22.2020 @ 11:07am

This no is very persistent. It rang 3 times in < 3mins. I blame corporate greed, revenue sharing and one-way street so-called communication. I NEVER take these calls. It rang again and I had to unplug the phone. It is too much and is so intrusive. They are unwanted and unwelcome calls. Especially under more or less curfew conditions.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7273211927
Saturday, 03.21.2020 @ 19:50pm
727-321-1927 Boner, Ernest; was caller id & left no message. Typical of spam/solicitors.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7275656272
Friday, 03.20.2020 @ 14:49pm
727-565-6272 BENNET CASANDRA was caller id and left no message - which is typical of marketing/solicitors/etc.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7272612487
Thursday, 03.19.2020 @ 20:29pm
727-261-2487 caller id name is the phone number; obviously an unwanted call.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7275656916
Wednesday, 03.18.2020 @ 20:13pm
727-565-6916 Bobby Carpenter - was caller id and left no message, typical telemarketing.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7275656268
Wednesday, 03.18.2020 @ 19:02pm
727-565-6268 FERRER MAYLING - was caller id and left no message - typical of telemarketing.
Comment by DoyouknowwhoyourfriendsreallyARE? on 18175303642
Wednesday, 03.18.2020 @ 17:21pm
Phone app caught this sucker.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7274722266
Wednesday, 03.18.2020 @ 13:15pm
727-472-2266 Unknown Name - was caller id and left no message - typical here for telemarketing.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 8002035889
Tuesday, 03.17.2020 @ 17:30pm
800-203-5889 Unknown Name - was caller id and left no message. Typical for Telemarketing here.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7276456794
Tuesday, 03.17.2020 @ 17:12pm
727-645-6794 Petro, Charles - was caller id and left no message. Which is typical for telemarketers here.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7273439872
Monday, 03.16.2020 @ 11:27am
727-343-9872 St Petersburg FL - was caller id.
When leaving no message, it's almost certainly a spam caller here.
Comment by ZA on 27102435000
Monday, 03.16.2020 @ 08:24am
Caller said "Good day Mr..." then cut the call.
Comment by David W on 02083917543
Monday, 03.16.2020 @ 05:54am
Phone rang, no response from caller who then terminated the call.
Comment by LA on 3233853969
Sunday, 03.15.2020 @ 19:13pm
She needs to be in a mental hospital where they can monitor her.
Comment by njle on 3125215345
Saturday, 03.14.2020 @ 14:09pm
Left voicemail to call back but no idea about what. Caller ID says Harris and Harris, again no idea who or what that is. Also left another and different number in voicemail. No real information so probably just another spam call of some sort.
Comment by Mr Cliff Hargrave on 08448730932
Saturday, 03.14.2020 @ 13:06pm
Calls and never leaves a message
Comment by louarn on 5149083506
Saturday, 03.14.2020 @ 12:44pm
Did not respond to me when they called
Comment by joseph: on 8775948111
Friday, 03.13.2020 @ 17:14pm
Liberty mutual-- sales maybe. Idk.
Comment by Cyndi on 4028922740
Thursday, 03.12.2020 @ 16:14pm
Called - do not know this number did not answer
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 9254330812
Wednesday, 03.11.2020 @ 17:25pm
925-433-0812 Potential Spam - was caller-id & it always seems to mean it's SPAM.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7737737734
Wednesday, 03.11.2020 @ 16:31pm
773-773-7734 Potential Spam - was caller-id. Left no message typical of Spam.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 9132702681
Wednesday, 03.11.2020 @ 15:44pm
913-270-2681 ASSOCFORFIRE - was caller-id. Left no message, typical for Spam.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 9123257674100
Wednesday, 03.11.2020 @ 15:26pm
912-325-7674 Potential Spam - was caller id. Didn't leave a message. ((100s report spam on other sites))
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 8006579225
Wednesday, 03.11.2020 @ 13:29pm
800-657-9225 Unknown Name - was caller-id. Left no message, which is typical of Spam here.
Comment by Janet on 410100011
Wednesday, 03.11.2020 @ 11:19am
SCAM ALERT! Have received several messages from this number and other closely related numbers all staying that my Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Paypal etc have been hacked. DO NOT click on the links within these messages and NEVER provide account info thinking they are coming from who they say they are from. Make sure to block these numbers as they come in!

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