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Comment by Patricia on 3233853969
Saturday, 09.21.2019 @ 16:56pm
323-385-3969 belongs to Hermecita Orpilla Cano Asuncion. She was born 15, February 1956. Current Address 5023 Island View St Oxnard, CA 93035-2826 She is scaming a lot of people in the US.
Comment by willy on 7277711072
Saturday, 09.21.2019 @ 12:42pm
727-771-1072 'Remax Elite' was caller id. Left no message, which gets them blocked. Shows in search as a realtor with lots of salespeople - assume they were telemarketing to buy/sell my home. Saturday at lunchtime, assume business is slow there.
Comment by joe davis on 8008669213
Saturday, 09.21.2019 @ 12:38pm
800-866-9213 Lithia Motors Inc Rip off auto dealership in Medford Oregon. These guys have always been lowlifes out for all they can take from people.If you want to be defrauded and lied to then go buy a car from them and feel the regret of dealing with shady criminals.
Comment by Dimak Rick on 8006555733
Saturday, 09.21.2019 @ 01:38am
These are scammers
Comment by daniel on 8882004682
Friday, 09.20.2019 @ 15:42pm
legal outsourcing scam
Comment by CHUCK on 6156719678
Friday, 09.20.2019 @ 14:32pm
This is a reminder from computer firewall security support team as your computer service Christian will be auto renewed there will be a auto deduction of $399.00 from your account in case you don't want to get charges please call us to cancel your subscription our toll free number is 161-567-1967 extension 8 I repeat the number to call is 161-567-1967 extension 8 This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.
Comment by . on 3233853969
Friday, 09.20.2019 @ 14:15pm
I wouldn't recommend to hire that person. Hermecita has serious mental problems, she's a thief and a big liar....
Hermecita Orpilla Asuncion is nothing more than a common thief and fraud.
She worked for Patricia Jackson. Crazy Hermecita didn't know that Patricia J. set up cameras all over the house.
So, Hermecita was caught stealing, some Patricia's and Patricia's daughter things (bags, perfumes, watches, shoes, purses e.t.c.). All this stuff Crazy Hermecita shipped to her own daughter to Philippines.
Her daughter Nicolette Orpilla Viber/ text at 09163351895 Sweet Fashion PH is selling stolen items on Facebook.
So of course Patricia had to call the cops and have her arrested...
Crazy Hermecita is irresponsible and a danger to the public.
Comment by Obedient Christian on 8003008348
Friday, 09.20.2019 @ 14:15pm
Exact dates are very important .You were born on an exact date. The "Church Age" started on Pentecost Sunday May 22,33AD. May 21,1988 was the end of the "Church Age". God's Word contains many important dates and numbers.
May 21,2011 was the beginning of Judgement Day. Read Revelation 22:11, Genesis 7:11-16. The flood began on the seventeenth day of the second month of the year 4990 BC. If you love Jesus and want to hear current, sincere Bible teaching
(1 Corinthians 2:13) Visit the following web sites or call 701-801-9989
www.bmius.org, www.ebiblefellowship.org, www.ebiblefellowship.com,
www.ebible2.com. www.facebook.com/ebiblefellowship,
Comment by Anna on 8339091776
Friday, 09.20.2019 @ 12:30pm
It is a scam...
Comment by Dorothy on 4044561535
Friday, 09.20.2019 @ 10:37am
Caller said they were my grandson and were in Atlanta at a wedding and need cash. Asked them their sister's name and they hung up. Number search identifies it as a Sprint number. Called sprint. They would not confirm it to be their customer; said to call the local police.
Comment by George on 2013289167
Friday, 09.20.2019 @ 10:32am
Called and posed as Social Security Administration representative. Gave my name, but then wanted my date of birth. Told them no way. They said they were going to sue me if I did not answer their questions. I told the man he could sue me till the cows came home..............
Comment by zeta on 9293730543
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 22:02pm
These as*holes called at 930pm tonight I could not understand them when I asked them why they were calling me so late they hung up on me. I called them back and they are foreigners who you can not understand.
Comment by Jeff on 6108440388
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 17:31pm
Comment by Iris on 2027333893
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 17:04pm
Someone called and told me it is from the federal grants department and I was a recipient of a non-taxable 9,000 federal grant from the government and do I want to know why I was chosen. I said I don't believe the government would randomly give me money out of the blue. the guy said okay and hung up.
Comment by telbiravenue on 9493295790
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 16:38pm
unknown caller
Comment by Pru Koehler on 5123795431
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 16:28pm
SS scam
Comment by CR on 4073373577
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 15:30pm
Scam call. Left message that Medicare will label me as ineligible for coverage.
Comment by Karen on 8884904388
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 14:44pm
Same - Don't answer unrecognized #'s and caller left no message.
Comment by Psychology Today Ads on 2182482010
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 12:50pm
Robovoice stating the following: Officer Brian Smith calling you from the department of social security administration. The reason you have received this phone call form our department is to inform you that there is a legal enforcement action filed on your social security number for criminal activities. So when you get this message kindly call as soon as possible on our number that is 218 248-2010. I repeat 218 248-2010. Before we begin with the legal proceedings. Thank you
Comment by lucygrace on 6108440388
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 12:09pm
I called back the man said he was Social Security SS does not call!
Comment by Denise on 3861234511
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 11:41am
Called twice back to back. Did not answer as it looks like a bogus number. I called the number and it say Welcome to Verizon wireless, your call cannot be completed.
Comment by Captain on 4044561535
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 11:24am
Caller said he was my grandson and got arrested in GA> and needed bail money for a DUI. 10 min later same number called and said it was Civil Liberties Union and wanted me to send money for bail for my grandson. Funny -- don't even have a grandson!!!
Comment by Gayle on 9529559038
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 11:06am
This number calls us 2-3 times a day,never leaves a message. Has been going on for a week now. we never answer a call if we don't know the number
Comment by willy on 8044064079
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 09:59am
804-406-4079 'Unknown name' was caller id. Left no message typical of most marketing/solicitors. Never answer the phone here unless there is somebody leaving a message that is known to me. Don't leave a message & usually, you'll be blocked.
Comment by willy on 7274347890
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 09:36am
727-434-7890 'Wireless Caller' was caller id. Left no message typical of most marketing/solicitors. Never answer the phone here unless there is somebody leaving a message that is known to me. Don't leave a message & usually, you'll be blocked.
Comment by Warning on 6027159612
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 08:57am
"Home Energy Scotland"??? that will send you an advisor to your home and without measuring anything will give you a "quotation" with 10, 20, 30 % discount, repeating their marketing tricks until you will agree buy their windows. Person doing quotation will be from local business, who will tell you anything to talk you into buying windows they don't have as they will be made in the future, but first they will offer you a loan for 5-10 years so you can pay for this "fantastic deal". Do not let them in to your house. Hang up, block the number. They have waisted two hours of my life. Very aggressive marketing will tell you stories, after stories, that you are their last customer this week and will get better deal, that you qualify as your road is busy and will put add in your window, to get another 400£ off and so on so forth. Shocking.
Comment by my on 2182482010
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 20:47pm
btw - called them right back only to get 'not a working #"
Comment by my on 2182482010
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 20:46pm
this # called my cell ph...let it go and had voicemail - robo/automated msg said it was the social security admin and my ss # had criminal activity to it and to call this # back. I knew it was bs and called it back to have a thick accented foreign man identifying "ssa can I help you"..he got an earful and hung up. I called back and got the same (w/ call center noise to background). Told this one what they were full of if you think i'm falling for them being ssa with a thick, 3rd world country accent.
Comment by Journey on 5124301784
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 19:35pm
I received the same call twice today in regards to Social Security Fraud .. from this same number about 6 hours apart. It's a scam call but I also reported the number to the Do Not Call Registry as my cell phone is registered with them.
Comment by Vanessa Allfrey on 5124301784
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 18:13pm
Called this evening said I was doing illegal things with social security and they were suspending my ss and will send FBI to arrest me.
Comment by willy on 7278889186
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 18:10pm
727-888-9186 'Tarpon Springs FL' was caller id. Considering the caller id and no message left.. I'd say its probably a solicitor.
Comment by B on 3152032293
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 14:08pm
Received voicemail message September 17, 2019 340pm from an 8004801772; Regarding brother enforcement agency and Police investigation in the Social Security Administration and to call 3152032293 and if I dont call my information will be sent to police dept. WWHHAATT TF
Comment by Danyel on 18332433272
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 13:59pm
Don't mind me, Im on crack. Be sure to give them your SIN and all other personal info....
Comment by Bruce on 5124301784
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 13:46pm
# called my cell phone they left message, It said that I have been doing illegal things under my SSN. It said to press 1 to talk to the social security admin. I
Comment by willy on 7135205884
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 13:25pm
713-520-5884 'Houston TX' was caller id. Let no message - called my google voice number so I assume autodialer-solicitor as very few have that number & none in houston.
Comment by Jewels on 7037945798
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 12:21pm
This number calls everyday -- I don't answer because I don't recognize number. No voicemail left. However, has managed to get through my call block home phone!!!
Comment by KKunk on 5124301784
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 11:07am
This # called my business #. It said that I have been doing illegal things under my SSN. It said to press 1 to talk to the social security admin. I hung up
Comment by Marilyn on 8015212600
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 22:11pm
one call, came in at 6:46 p.m. on 9-16-19. missed call.
Comment by Ana on 8015212600
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 21:04pm
Received a call from this 801.521.2600. Sent it to voicemail. No message left, just one second of dead air. I suspect it is someone hacking a phone number to spam. Blocked!
Comment by willy on 8006230262
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 18:57pm
800-623-0262 'Unknown name' was caller id. account compromised, don't log in to your banking or your icloud account, press six to speak to icloud support. Obvious scam as I don't have apple anything.
Comment by RB on 4694447047
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 18:47pm
Called and said nothing
Comment by Anon on 7792304195
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 18:21pm
Left message - a robotic voice said "Goodbye"
Comment by LS on 8888941219
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 17:23pm
Left a message on my answering machine. Said she was from Central Portfolio Collections and to call back. Called and said there was a message but didn't say who she was trying to reach. Collection agency or fraud? Who knows. Doesn't show up as legit on caller id, just as Toll Free. I didn't give my name and she said she was looking for someone else. We've had this number for 22 years.
Comment by Sharon on 8666998674
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 17:22pm
THE NUMBER 866-699-8674...
Comment by Concerned Citizen on 7083745493
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 16:39pm
The person attached to this number perpetrated a fraud on Craigslist. BEWARE! BEWARE!! BEWARE!!!!
Comment by Sudie on 8552011512
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 16:14pm
Calls stating I owe money on a credit call I've never had. Multiple phone calls
Comment by Lee on 3157131071
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 14:02pm
I didn't answer and they left no message.
Comment by Andy on 8447644402
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 13:30pm
I said hello. Robo said goodbye.
Comment by p on 3127960321
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 11:46am
annoying no one on line at any time they keep calling myself and a friend It makes me wonder if they are in a boiler room phone bank and just have several lines going at one time SPAM
Comment by pat on 4242228601
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 11:41am
scammer wants your checking account or credit card to refund you 999.39 since their company has received your payment for computer support. They are going out of business and must send money back The audacity of these people. You can hear them in the background laughing at the stupid Americans... Boiler rooms like this in India are reaping huge monies from the unsuspecting elderly. Call your attorney General and complain
Comment by Jack on 9564350541
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 11:34am
Claimed my Soc. Sec. account was suspended ????
Comment by Doug on 6477931389
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 10:35am
Fraud claiming that my VISA card may have been misused
Comment by willy on 2075407738207207
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 21:02pm
207-540-7738 Presque Isle ME, was caller id. Been getting nothing but robocall recording calls for social security fraud and i'm under arrest from area code 207 today. So I blocked area code 207 to stop the scammers/Fraud calls. This was one of the blocked calls.
Comment by pam on 9018812611
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 19:55pm
left message stating that they were from the social security office and that my social security number has been put on a hold for suspicious activity and to call this number back.
Comment by ira on 4043828684
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 19:31pm
Broken recorded call about social security number had been used by hacker and that I should call this number: 404-382-8684. My caller ID showed caller as: Dee Mascarnas with the 404-382-8684 number as the caller: Believe number was hacked or spoofed but it was odd that the recording said to call the 404-382-8684 number immediately.
Comment by Michelle on 3462464214
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 18:28pm
Don't respond this a romance scammer and he his bad new'
Comment by Arthur on 7731275389
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 18:21pm
Medicare Fraud scam Don't give them any information. Report it to Do Not Call Registry FCC
Comment by willy on 2075645509207207
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 16:54pm
207-564-5509 Dover/Fxcrft ME, was caller id. Been getting nothing but calls for social security fraud and i'm under arrest from area code 207 today. So I blocked area code 207 to stop the scammers/Fraud calls.
Comment by Barb on 7703081481
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 16:52pm
This is a robot caller
Comment by Jim on 8782127074
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 16:04pm
Left message claiming to be from Social Security. Stating I'd be arrested for fraud if I did not call back.
Automated message.

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