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Comment by OMG on 3233853969
Sunday, 05.24.2020 @ 18:07pm
Dude, hermec orpilla is such a double-bagger! 323-385-3969
hermec is cheaper than condoms and she needs make her coochie crack stop stinking! sex with hermec is a perversion. She will be nearly 70yr old soon)))) she is retired. Her body's falling apart. Well, hermec got an enormous vagina like the Grand Canyon in AZ. Just thinking about it makes me feel dirty... yucky.
Comment by Anonymous on 3233853969
Sunday, 05.24.2020 @ 13:05pm
Hermecita is hit rock bottom, things can't get any worse for her
Comment by CA on 3233853969
Saturday, 05.23.2020 @ 17:52pm
People always used to see Hermecita Orpilla Cano as being crazy, a bit of crackpot or something like that.
Comment by Anonymous on 3233853969
Friday, 05.22.2020 @ 18:02pm
she has always been lowlifes out for all hermecita can take from people. If you want to be defrauded and lied to then go comunicate with her and feel the regret of dealing with shady criminal. creepy
Comment by ?????????? on 3233853969
Friday, 05.22.2020 @ 15:38pm

Cant u find a younger harlot in CA?hermec is 65yr old down and dirty streetwalker hahaha!!!  Only a bum without money can fuck a whore hermec who will die soon. Next time get a 70yr+ whore so that u can sex trick easier))))
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 9123613756
Friday, 05.22.2020 @ 15:06pm
912-361-3756 Alamo GA - was caller id and left no message. Called it back and no answer. Likely typical spam/solicitor?
Comment by Friend on 3233853969
Friday, 05.22.2020 @ 14:47pm
Hermecita drinks like a fish. Every time I see her she has a beer in her hand and is drunk.
The drunken Hermecita is a broken record, telling everyone who sits next to her the same bullshit.
It would be better if instead of watching cartoons... she was thinking about her weird behavior.
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 7278167127
Friday, 05.22.2020 @ 13:48pm
727-816-7127 New Pt Richy FL - was caller id - left no message - suspect spam/spoofed?
Comment by Deja Vu on 7279984964
Friday, 05.22.2020 @ 13:08pm
727-998-4964 National Police Support Fund - Spammer, same guy has called on 727-655-9911 & 727-655-9913 & 727-655-9142 & 727-472-8614 & 727-472-8615 & 727-472-8012 & 727-655-9925 & 727-998-4956 and others too. Seems fraud/harassment/stalker?
Comment by Deja Vu on 7272918574
Friday, 05.22.2020 @ 10:32am
727-291-8574 'V52210081500027' was caller id. Left no message but I already know its ' We Buy Houses', Third call from them in two weeks, now a block was applied.
Comment by Alison on 02039625206
Friday, 05.22.2020 @ 09:47am
ring every day between 1400-1530 but when answer no one speaks
Comment by . on 3233853969
Friday, 05.22.2020 @ 09:45am
I wouldn't recommend to hire that person. Hermecita has serious mental problems, she's a thief and a big liar....
Hermecita Orpilla Asuncion is nothing more than a common thief and fraud.
She worked for Patricia Jackson. Crazy Hermecita didn't know that Patricia J. set up cameras all over the house.
So, Hermecita was caught stealing, some Patricia's and Patricia's daughter things (bags, perfumes, watches, shoes, purses e.t.c.). All this stuff Crazy Hermecita shipped to her own daughter to Philippines.
Her daughter Nicolette Orpilla Viber/ text at 09163351895 Sweet Fashion PH is selling stolen items on Facebook.
So of course Patricia had to call the cops and have her arrested...
Crazy Hermecita is irresponsible and a danger to the public.
Comment by John A. on 3233853969
Friday, 05.22.2020 @ 09:09am

Without education and literacy Hermecita Orpilla worked hard as a sex-worker on the street since she was twelve years old in the Philippines. Her life is useless. Hermecita ashamed of herself. She is very low class. What does she do for a living??? She has never been married. Hermecita Orpilla has toured Singapore and USA uses herself and sells her body to men.
She gave birth to a imbecile- moron-daughter Nicolette Orpilla.
As far as we know, Nicolette Orpilla is doing real estate Imperial Brokers and she is online whore trying to scam people via internet
+63 916-335-1895
02-2-18-8966 Pasig Philippine colette1228@yahoo.com
Because Nicolette has no choice but to have chat and sex with different old men in exchange for money. Nicolette Orpilla is the lowest level.
Another warning signs is Nicolette Orpilla operating in Philippine; if you are in one country and renting a house in another country, think about whether this makes sense. That sounds like classic Philippine online scam. Money is very important to her. The scam that can better her life. Nicolette Orpilla is a crook, give her nothing.
Comment by suzy on 03301233690
Friday, 05.22.2020 @ 08:10am
royal mail insurance department
Comment by Herdie on 3233853969
Friday, 05.22.2020 @ 07:14am
I agree, hermecita orpilla cano should not be allowed to breed.
she is worthless.
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 7273436116
Thursday, 05.21.2020 @ 13:24pm
727-343-6116 caller id name was the phone number - left no message - a call back was not answered - I would assume typical unwanted solicitor/spam.
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 7273431725
Thursday, 05.21.2020 @ 11:22am
727-343-1725 Verizon FL Test - was caller id & left no message. Tied up line for a few moments, probably Robo recorded call. Verizon is not my carrier. I called back and there was no answer. The same number called me May of last year. I assume some kind of spam.
Comment by Patrick on 07513110530
Thursday, 05.21.2020 @ 05:38am
No response when the phone was picked up
Comment by Tasha on 5406258102
Wednesday, 05.20.2020 @ 11:44am
Harassing call concerning Barclaycard
And I dont even have an account with them...go figure
Comment by Annoyed on 18442867069
Tuesday, 05.19.2020 @ 13:21pm
Left message, knows my name and telephone number and says it is regarding a PC Mastercard payment...
This phone number is not listed with that organization.
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 7276559925
Monday, 05.18.2020 @ 18:00pm
727-655-9925 National Police Support Fund - Spammer guy that also has called me on 655-9911 & 655-9913 & 655-9142 and others too. I keep blocking and he calls back on different numbers.
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 7276559911
Saturday, 05.16.2020 @ 15:56pm
727-655-9911 Unknown name was caller id - callback answered by 'National Police Support Fund' - 2nd call today from same guy 655-9913. Calls with different numbers every time, 655 exchange lately.
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 7276559913
Saturday, 05.16.2020 @ 11:02am
727-655-9913 Unknown Name was caller id and left no message - a callback = National Police Support Fund .. pia pest uses too many numbers.
Comment by Jim on 8182730300
Friday, 05.15.2020 @ 12:07pm
Comes up Allied and had repeat phone calls
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 8882955540
Thursday, 05.14.2020 @ 11:35am
888-295-5540 Unknown Name; was caller-id & left no message. Typical traits of solicitors/scammers/etc. Never can trust a call from an 'unknown name'.
Comment by Mrs barnes on 03456047488
Thursday, 05.14.2020 @ 05:27am
Lloyds fraud i believe
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 7278092190
Wednesday, 05.13.2020 @ 13:27pm
727-809-2190 Erica Hess ; was caller-id and left no message. Near instantly called it back only to be forwarded to voice mail. Assume its a solicitor/spammer, non-legit telemarketing without looking at any do not call lists - which means, a crook. Maybe even phishing and going to steal identities or bank accounts. Or worse!
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 7272918574
Wednesday, 05.13.2020 @ 12:55pm
727-291-8574 Potential Spam; was caller id and left no message. A quick search shows it's 'We Buy Houses'
- a spam/phishing? call.
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 7276559142
Tuesday, 05.12.2020 @ 19:48pm
727-655-9142 Potential Spam was caller id and left no message. I called it back ... National Police Fund solicitation.
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 7275658010
Tuesday, 05.12.2020 @ 12:35pm
727-565-8010 Fidel Amaya; was caller id & left no message - typical of telemarketing solicitors.
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 8133580053
Tuesday, 05.12.2020 @ 11:31am
(813) 358-0053‬ Joy - Wants to buy your home/property.
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 7547044546
Tuesday, 05.12.2020 @ 10:38am
(754) 704-4546 Unknown Name; was caller id & left no message. A call back was robo answered 'Auto Warranty Services'
Comment by Linda on 03456047514
Monday, 05.11.2020 @ 13:54pm
Coop claims team if the car accidents not your fault. Sorted repairs straight away and hire car.
Comment by Dan on 03456047514
Monday, 05.11.2020 @ 13:52pm
It's a company handling claims for coop insurance. They helped me claim off the at fault motor insurer coop so I didn't have a claim open on my policy affecting reveals prices.
Comment by Lori on 7604932995
Saturday, 05.9.2020 @ 20:42pm
Supposed to be the Lt. Gov of California calling to offer free tax help through calEITC4me.org
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 7274728107
Saturday, 05.9.2020 @ 15:37pm
727-472-8107 Potential Spam; was caller id and left no message. Called back... 'Committee for Police Officer's Defense'.
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 7272896198
Friday, 05.8.2020 @ 09:20am
727-289-6198 Michael Lehnkering; was caller id & left no message. Typical of telemarketing solicitors - happens Too dang often.
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 7273433675
Thursday, 05.7.2020 @ 14:16pm
727-343-3675 St Petersbrg FL - was caller id and left no message - which is typical here for telemarketing solicitors.
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 8133203005
Thursday, 05.7.2020 @ 13:06pm
813-320-3005 Sun City Ctr FL - was caller id. Political Spam
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 7272918791
Thursday, 05.7.2020 @ 12:50pm
(727) 291-8791 Auto Warranty Services - Spam/Scam
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 8132917164
Thursday, 05.7.2020 @ 12:30pm
813-291-7164 calls daily - has several numbers - wants to buy your property - probably for China
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 7276106491
Wednesday, 05.6.2020 @ 15:54pm
727-610-6491 Potential Spam, was caller id & left no message. I called it back and a recording 'call rejected' and it hung up on me. Probably some cwook.
Comment by Libby on 7865688226
Wednesday, 05.6.2020 @ 14:24pm
Called, left no message.
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 4156929512
Wednesday, 05.6.2020 @ 13:20pm
415-692-9512 San Francisco ; was caller id and left no message - typical of spam callers. I called it back & nobody answered.
Comment by Oh Scwewitt on 8132917164
Wednesday, 05.6.2020 @ 11:39am
813-291-7164 Potential Spam, was caller id. Left no message. I called it back and a barely understandable foreign male recording said it would transfer me to the next available agent.
This is Shawn, how may I help you ... who am I calling? Hung up on me. haha
Comment by Oh Scwewit on 4752590894
Tuesday, 05.5.2020 @ 10:04am
475-259-0894 AmerVetsAssoc - was caller id and left no message. One has to assume, its the typical unwanted SPAM caller.
Comment by Oh Scwewit on 4044808252
Monday, 05.4.2020 @ 23:27pm
404-480-8252 - We buy houses.
Comment by Oh Scwewit on 4075491642
Monday, 05.4.2020 @ 22:44pm
407-549-1642 Sanford FL - was caller id and left no message - Called back 'the number you have dialed is not in service'. Hmm a faked number caller - must be a cwook.
Comment by Jennifer on 7542126167
Monday, 05.4.2020 @ 13:24pm
They are part of a scam. I was told to call this number to get free money from IDA.
Comment by scwewy wabbit on 7274728614
Saturday, 05.2.2020 @ 15:49pm
727-472-8614 Potential Spam was caller id - a call back was answewed 'Nationaw Powice Suppowt Fund. Scammer/Spammer.
Comment by scwewy wabbit on 7274728615
Saturday, 05.2.2020 @ 10:45am
727-472-8615 - Unknow Name - was caller id. I called it back 'National Police Force' - an unwanted solicitor.
Comment by Yippy-ki-yay on 7272935985
Friday, 05.1.2020 @ 12:09pm
727-293-5985 Unknown name, was caller id. I called it back, Auto Warranty Services, spammer & liar as I have no soon expiring warranties.
Comment by Yippy-ki-yay on 7274721317
Thursday, 04.30.2020 @ 13:52pm
727-472-1317 Auto Warranty Services - telemarketing scam.
Comment by Abeey on 9168252287
Wednesday, 04.29.2020 @ 23:07pm
I am the owner of this phone. You are all spam calling me literally with restricted numbers. F U C K you scammers
Comment by Yippy-ki-yay on 4074036653
Wednesday, 04.29.2020 @ 19:05pm
407-403-6653 VM Blast - called twice in past hour and leaves no message. Different caller id on both calls but same number. Guessing its some Crooked Spammer/Scammer/Telemarketing/Soliciting outfit.
Comment by Mr Flue Gum on 01513631293
Wednesday, 04.29.2020 @ 16:19pm
After 1 missed call on my mobile on Monday and then yesterday, Tuesday while my mobile was switched off in work on both days, I caught them today, Wednesday on my lunch hour. It was a lady from Liverpool where the 0151 number belongs with a scouce accent who although remained nice during the whole call, asked for lucky numbers and offered me more competitions for £4.99 a month or a week or some price like that. I said no thanks but she would have asked my for my bank details if I said yes which is when you have to be careful when not to give your bank details. Then she offered to ring to offer more competition entries in a few weeks/months, while she remained pleasant and convincing. Again, I said no thanks. She said it was nice speaking to me at the end of the call. She would have got my bank details while sounding genuine, pleasant and convincing.
Comment by stuart on 01515142222
Wednesday, 04.29.2020 @ 10:47am

This is the number I use to contact the blood clinic at Arrow Park Hospital
Comment by Mark R on 02036414657
Wednesday, 04.29.2020 @ 07:42am
Leaves a message at 4:30 AM in the morning automated, wakes everyone up and then rings off
Comment by Whoopty-Do on 7274721218
Tuesday, 04.28.2020 @ 10:16am
727-472-1218 Auto Warranty Services - Scammer SPAM
Comment by Lesley on 3178543321
Tuesday, 04.28.2020 @ 09:25am
Keeps calling no voice mail

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