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Comment by Patricia on 3233853969
Wednesday, 02.26.2020 @ 16:33pm
323-385-3969 belongs to Hermecita Orpilla Cano Asuncion. She was born 15, February 1956. Current Address 5023 Island View St Oxnard, CA 93035-2826 She is scaming a lot of people in the US.
Comment by CA on 3233853969
Wednesday, 02.26.2020 @ 14:39pm
she has always been lowlifes out for all hermecita can take from people. If you want to be defrauded and lied to then go comunicate with her and feel the regret of dealing with shady criminal. creepy
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7273439598
Wednesday, 02.26.2020 @ 13:18pm
727-343-9598 Tropical Trav N - was caller id. Left no message as spam/robots won't do call prescreening prompts
Comment by Dannyo01 on 02035805499
Wednesday, 02.26.2020 @ 08:25am
Constantly calling but will not leave a VM when
I don't answer
Comment by Frank on 01273082223
Wednesday, 02.26.2020 @ 08:15am
Had five calls from this number over past two days. Never anyone at the other end of the line, so it must be automated dialling. I've no idea who the calls are from.
Comment by Cameron on 64204222
Wednesday, 02.26.2020 @ 04:40am
This number calls, and leaves no message. Presumably it 'hangs up' before the line is closed or leaves no message or detectable audio on the lines voicemail. This is highly suspicious and the hallmark of robo-dialling for malware installation purposes. There are software flaws in many smartphones which allow backdoor methods of permanent entry to a modern platform albeit android or ios based. Permanent device access as malware/viruses allows access to messages, voicemail, email (if it's set up on your phone), any recorded data like passwords and sometimes can also intercept phonecalls, depending on different technical variables. You can factory reset your phone for a modicum of peace of mind, but not all that much these days. Make sure you back up your data first though, although ideally you will delete or disregard the lot because it can become infected with malware components in some cases.

The simplest solution to avoiding this growing problem, is switch to a 'dumb phone' (candybar form factor) with no enhanced functions other than SMS messages or voicealling ability. If it has a basic web browser, go into the settings and clear or enter null server information for homepages, or clear your WAP profile,etc. Even then there are no guarantees as we are living in a time with more computer hacking across all devices than ever in history so far...
Comment by meme malkin on 8332011653
Tuesday, 02.25.2020 @ 17:58pm
big scam send money you been had.
Comment by meme linn on 8332011653
Tuesday, 02.25.2020 @ 17:57pm
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7275657279
Tuesday, 02.25.2020 @ 12:55pm
727-565-7279 Lakes Becky - left no message usually means spam/solicitor wouldn't do call prescreening.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7275658794
Tuesday, 02.25.2020 @ 10:42am
727-565-8794 Edie Whitney - left no message which usually means spam/robocall stopped by call prescreening.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7272749178
Monday, 02.24.2020 @ 19:54pm
727-274-9178 New Pt Richey FL was caller id & left no message. Spam & robo callers stop at call pre-screening.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 9126042000
Monday, 02.24.2020 @ 17:11pm
912-604-2000 Martin Family - left no message - spam & robocalls fail at call pre-screening.
Comment by David on 4586001621
Monday, 02.24.2020 @ 17:11pm
Same as the others have mentioned. Don't recognize it, no msg.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 9109485682
Monday, 02.24.2020 @ 11:05am
910-948-5682 Robbins NC caller id - did not leave a message - typical usually of solicitors.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 9122192720
Monday, 02.24.2020 @ 09:22am
912-219-2720 Unknown name was caller id. Left no message, typical for spammers.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7272505983
Saturday, 02.22.2020 @ 10:23am
727-250-5983 Clearwater FL was caller id & left no message - typical of spam here.
Comment by will on 02036425562
Saturday, 02.22.2020 @ 07:04am
number referes to ECO SPRAY
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 4694143008
Friday, 02.21.2020 @ 19:34pm
469-414-3008 "Potential Spam" was caller id. Left no message, typical of nuisance calls here.
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7276559806
Friday, 02.21.2020 @ 10:29am
727-655-9806 caller id was the same number - left no message, typical of spam/solicitors/politics/etc.
Comment by Andy Bone on 01777410043
Friday, 02.21.2020 @ 04:37am
I've had a few calls from this number. They seem to be a "green energy" company, trying to get appointments for a "free" survey with a view to selling an Air Source Heat Pump system. Despite my having recently fitted a new efgicient gas combi boiler, they still claim it would benefit me and the environment (and them financially, but they do not mention that!!) to scrap the new boiler and have one of their ASHP systems. Having done a little research, I beleve I would be seriously out of pocket were I to do so. I further believe they are fully aware of this.
I would advise extreme caution in dealing with this company and do in depth research before even considering installing an ASHP, especially from this company.
Comment by Anon on 07716369007
Thursday, 02.20.2020 @ 17:52pm
Received a text message from this number stating that my number had won 2 million on Euro Millions. what a laugh I had as i don't gamble. sent a message back which perhaps i shouldn't have done given circumstances.
Comment by Fred on 6138016902
Thursday, 02.20.2020 @ 16:27pm
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 6503373052
Thursday, 02.20.2020 @ 12:37pm
650-337-3052 Called my TextNow app phone number - rather odd from strange numbers. Probably spam or robocall.
Comment by Douglas on 02082961600
Thursday, 02.20.2020 @ 10:01am
Called but never let it ring more than once. I never called back assuming it to be a scam.
Comment by James on 01612325678
Thursday, 02.20.2020 @ 06:41am
No answer and no voicemail. Who knows??
Comment by UglySlippers on 7085017275
Wednesday, 02.19.2020 @ 13:39pm
Called from an 800 number and left a message about not using my financial account and to call back at this number.
Comment by N/A on 07845221232
Wednesday, 02.19.2020 @ 10:29am
07845221232 - Extremely rude woman with Indian or eastern European accent threatening by saying we stole your yahoo account.
Comment by NOVA on 5203715106
Tuesday, 02.18.2020 @ 18:55pm
social security about to b suspended ssi will only notify by mail never by phone, good try i may b old not stupid SCAM DONT FALL FOR IT
Comment by Woo-Hoo on 7272960320540
Tuesday, 02.18.2020 @ 17:52pm
727-296-0320 Unknown number, was caller id. Left no message at 5:40pm which almost surely would be some kind of Scammer/Solicitor/Politician/Charity.
Comment by godzilla-9 on 4082937977
Tuesday, 02.18.2020 @ 16:12pm
There is no answer once i answered the phone. 5 minutes later they called again but did not answer.
Comment by E on 2109614810
Tuesday, 02.18.2020 @ 12:09pm
Caller said: "This is Susan with Methodist Healthcare calling to preregister you for your procedure Please call back at 855-824-2355 reference your account No Wxxxxxxxxx." After calling back I was informed they needed my insurance info. After investigating this I learned that this is a scam artist involved in getting your information, and using it to commit fraud. Informed Doctors and Methodist Healthcare regarding this. Just when I thought I had protected my self. I am good at spotting the cons but I got taken on this one. What is scary is this person new a lot of my personal info about me and my family. Where did Susan get this info. She is not associated with Methodist Healthcare, Methodist Hospital, St Davids Healthcare or any other medical group. Known as Susan, Suzanne, SuAnn. Real name unknown. Number 855-824-2355 not associated with any know hospital. Account number also fake.
Comment by Rhondz on 8572066500
Tuesday, 02.18.2020 @ 06:29am
Call from this number at 6:25 am. Better not be a telemarketer. No message lefr.
Comment by Lynn on 6155578431
Monday, 02.17.2020 @ 20:49pm
Repeated calls from this # drunk mean & trying to start arguments
Comment by Willy on 2312461183
Monday, 02.17.2020 @ 12:04pm
231-246-1183 Muskegon, Mi was caller id and left no message. My guess, dishonest time-wasting spam/scam/political/etc.
Comment by Jill on 8174912699
Saturday, 02.15.2020 @ 19:56pm
Prank Call

Number is registered to a person, surely that person isn't prank calling random people. Spoofed number & BLOCKED.
Comment by woohoo on 7276058096
Saturday, 02.15.2020 @ 16:51pm
727-605-8096 Hudson FL was caller id and left no message - typical of spam/scam callers. Spoofed#?
Comment by Willy on 7277660123908
Saturday, 02.15.2020 @ 09:34am
727-766-0123 Unknown name, was caller id and left no message on a Saturday morning at 9:08 am. Anybody that knows me would have been hollering for me to answer the dang phone.. so it must have been some kind of solicitor or recording that was spoofed by my smart call blocker phone. Solicitors can call it to offer them free solar, lower their interest rate, buy their home for cheap or renew their auto warranty, and of course to clean their air conditioner.
Comment by Willy on 7273468993
Friday, 02.14.2020 @ 12:49pm
727-346-8993 St Petersburg FL was caller id and left no message - typical here for Spam callers.
Comment by Rocco on 4874198001
Friday, 02.14.2020 @ 09:18am
No answer after pick up
Comment by Willy on 4077078008
Thursday, 02.13.2020 @ 18:20pm
407-707-8008 Kissimmee FL was caller id & left no message - typical here for solicitors.
Comment by Helen on 8668622787
Thursday, 02.13.2020 @ 11:29am
Said she was with J. C. James Company and trying to locate my brother regarding a business issue he had discussed with them. Claimed they had sent letter to his address and they were unanswered. I asked contents of letter and was told it was confidential and could not discuss with me. Told them my brother was recently deceased and his wife moved - no forwarding address.
Comment by Vexed on 6574440472
Thursday, 02.13.2020 @ 09:34am
DFs to Baltimore.
Comment by Margaret on 0371258933
Thursday, 02.13.2020 @ 04:20am
automated call from amazon saying my prime amazon will be taken from my bank account. pressed 1 to speak to someone, non english person answered wanting to mnow why i'd called, had i had an automated call. put phone down
Comment by Gabi on 0700046094
Wednesday, 02.12.2020 @ 08:29am
My son has been receiving text messages from this number. Each text is charged by our provider at £4.50 (for receiving it ). I didn't notice but has cost me £22 each month for last 4 months. Other person with same experience also said text don't show on phone but only in the bill. So beware!!!!
Comment by Mrs E on 07488800064
Wednesday, 02.12.2020 @ 05:52am
Silent call. Waited no answer. Now blocked
Comment by Kay on 03333040472
Wednesday, 02.12.2020 @ 05:24am
Received a text from this number saying it was trying to refund me some money...I did not call and want to alert others not to call this number!!!
Comment by Willy on 7277580388
Tuesday, 02.11.2020 @ 19:18pm
727-758-0388 "Unknown name" was caller-id & left no message. Typical for spam calls here.
Comment by Willy on 40878619732
Tuesday, 02.11.2020 @ 16:21pm
408-786-1973 "J2 Global Commu" caller-id. Left no messages. Company name search indicates many say they are dishonest/crooks.
Comment by Jonny on 01216988921
Tuesday, 02.11.2020 @ 14:58pm
AXA claims dept.
Comment by Willy on 7273619822
Tuesday, 02.11.2020 @ 13:37pm
"727-361-9822 Potential Spam" was caller-id. Left no message - it looks like the telco's caller-id system knows it is spam. I wish they would simply automatically block those.
Comment by Willy on 9108885957
Tuesday, 02.11.2020 @ 10:15am
910-888-5957 "Wilmington NC" caller-id. Left no message & no real caller id, usually means spam here.
Comment by LivingBamaLife on 8668908364
Monday, 02.10.2020 @ 11:41am
Partial Voicemail:
The next 24 hours for committing suspicious and fraudulent activities in the State of Texas contact us as soon as possible on 866-890-8364 or press one to connect this call to one of our officers
Comment by Willy on 7273619832
Monday, 02.10.2020 @ 08:52am
727-361-9832 "Potential Spam" was caller-id. Left no message. Obviously labeled SPAM by my, or somebody else's phone carrier, for a reason.
Comment by Joseph King on 5194348217
Saturday, 02.8.2020 @ 14:04pm
This number is a collection agency, they call and hang up in an effort to irritate you into calling back.
Comment by Disturbed on 9095822869
Saturday, 02.8.2020 @ 00:18am
Called asking for information
Comment by anon on 01283845888
Friday, 02.7.2020 @ 02:17am
call on my mobile yesterday, no message left either.
number was 01283845888 no message left.
time the number came in on mobile yesterday 12.54
Comment by doug on 2562024720
Thursday, 02.6.2020 @ 21:09pm
political call ; Bradley burne
Comment by Becky on 9163788603
Thursday, 02.6.2020 @ 15:09pm
This number left a voice mail and said fraudulent information was on my SSI and I needed to contact immediately. No I did not return the call.
Comment by Willy on 7272859742
Thursday, 02.6.2020 @ 10:38am
727-285-9742 "Unknown name" was caller-id. Left no message. Seems it's auto insurance marketing.
Who in their right mind would trust anything from a spammer, especially one showing no real caller-id?
Comment by Brian on 01618504772
Thursday, 02.6.2020 @ 08:35am
Numerous calls from this number claiming to be from Microsoft about my computer when I ask what,s wrong they hang up always a Asian lady

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